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Can you disappear without a trace?

Yes, you can.

But, it all depends on one thing. Proper planning.

Today, you’re going to learn effective approaches on how to disappear completely and never be found.

But, knowing how to disappear completely is one thing – actually doing it is another.

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How do you disappear legally?

Is it illegal to disappear and never be found?

If you’re asking how to disappear completely for the first time, here are some things you should take note before going.

Currently, the law only forbids people who have committed a crime to completely disappear.

That’s why credit card companies and banks have the right to hire private investigators and track down default loans. They help find people who never want to be found.

The government can allow you to assume a new identity if you’ve been directly affected by the following situations:

·        Witness Protection Program

·        Political Asylum

·        Spouses in physically abusive marriages

·        Survival

·        Victims of sexual abuse

We’ll expand on what each of these mean below.

Helpful resources:

Witness Protection Program

This program is designed to help key witnesses disappear legally and never be found by people who are after them.

However, once you opt for this method, there’s no turning back. In this case, the government will relocate and assign you a new identity.

The main criteria police look at are…

·        Credibility of the witness statement

·        Level of imminent danger facing the witness

So, how does this work?

The Marshals will relocate you to a different state as they process most recent identities.

You’ll get a job that pays at least $60,000 annually as well as schooling for your children.

Armed officers will also protect your home during court appearance dates.

Political Asylum            

Political asylum applies to people who would need refuge in the United States and never want to be found by those who have malicious intent toward them.

The right of asylum allows one to seek protection when he or she fears prosecution due to social, religious, and political stances.

After a successful application, the government will provide you with a green card. This ensures that you won’t need to renew a visa or apply for a work permit. Plus, it allows you to travel back to your home country when things cool down.

Spouses in physically abusive marriages

The government does not facilitate this program, but you won’t face any charges if your case is credible. They may even give you pointers on how to disappear completely if you fall under this case.

Credibility in this case means filing police reports of domestic violence against your spouse. You can produce medical reports of injuries sustained directly as a result of physical abuse.

Most of these cases play out in favor of the abused.

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This would be similar to witness protection due to the nature of circumstances and another instance where the government may help you understand how to disappear completely.

You might be trying really hard to part ways with a criminal gang and disappearing is the best option.

In this situation, running away won’t get you in trouble with the police. As a matter of fact, they may even help you understand how to disappear.

Some areas are hostile to someone with different sexual orientation. Often, victims would end up suffering from consistent physical abuse while others experience death threats.

In addition, there might even be stalkers who make it impossible to live in peace.

Victims of sexual abuse

Some high profile sexual assault cases, such as Leaving Neverland often cause lifetime impact.

In addition to the physical trauma, victims would have to readjust in communities where everyone knows about their sexual abuse. This can be pretty difficult and cause problems if you don’t know how to disappear completely.

This also brings about additional frustrations in the form of embarrassment or struggles with self-esteem.

A victim in this situation can relocate to a fresh city and even change their name.

Doing this enables them to start over in a conducive environment where there’s no fear of judgement or sexual predators.

How do you disappear in America?

According to a 2017 security report, there are approximately 85 million CCTV cameras in the USA. This is a road block for someone in America wanting to know how to disappear completely.

In addition, Google and social media companies are also gathering your personal information from your electronics every single day.

With all these eyes on you, is it possible to disappear and never be found?

In this section, we’ll look at how to disappear without a trace.

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How do I disappear online?

Have you ever seen a friend suggestion on Facebook that made you wonder how it happened? Think of it that it can be a huge road block for someone pondering on how to disappear completely.

For instance, you might see your favorite bartender’s profile yet you don’t have mutual friends.

You might have never attended the same schools and this leaves you wondering how Facebook made the connection. If you want to disappear completely, it is a must to sever your ties with social media.

Social media companies use artificial intelligence to map out your daily routines and you don’t want your escape plan exposed accidentally online.

So, let’s learn how to disappear completely from the internet.

1. Ditch social media

We’ve just learned how social media uses artificial intelligence to check more about you.

However, some people use social media to their own disadvantage.

One of the common ways is sharing too much information such as posting a holiday destination or weekend plans.

Doing this provides your enemies with intel on where and when to strike.

Most apps come with Geotagging features when capturing photos and videos. This must be noted since most of us have photo album, photo book, video book and video album uploaded online.

This can accidentally get activated when your phone is online.

That’s why you need to deactivate all your social media accounts before implementing your getaway plan.


Consider deleting all your photos, photo book, and photo album online, since anyone looking for you might download and print them.

Especially those belonging to your children or relatives who don’t have a clue of the danger at hand. Even album that belong to their social media accounts that have no tags of you can pose as a threat for you who wants to learn how to disappear completely.

2. Delete your email account

Should I delete my email account before vanishing?

Yes, you should. Emails can leave a huge trail.

Let’s say you use Gmail and happen to use Google to find out the best routes to drive outside America. This is something you should understand in planning how to disappear completely.

An enemy with hacking skills can use your email address to view your recent search history.

This makes you quite vulnerable to an ambush.

Plan in advance on when you’ll download important files and contacts when disappearing temporarily.

For instance, a political refugee who happens to possess credible evidence in digital format. These happening point to how people actually start asking questions on how to disappear completely. Although you may not fall under this category, it is a must for you to learn and conduct this among many other practices that follow.

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3. Get a new phone if necessary

At this point, you’ll need a phone. This means abandoning your previous contacts.

It could even be advisable to work on a physical contact album or book, to avoid any tracing through electronic means.

While flashing or jailbreaking might seem like a better option, you’re still at risk of hacking.

Hackers can use digital forensics to retrieve deleted files. It is said that even those files from years ago from an obscure cloud album wherein you had uploaded them can still be accessed and hacked.

The best thing would be disposing your phone just like on TV.

Park your car near a lake and throw your phone as far away as you can. This is necessary to disappear completely.

A basic phone will help you get by since at this point, you’ll have cut off communication with your circles.

It’s advisable to make phone calls from random locations to avoid getting tracked through cellphone towers.

4. Hiring Companies That Remove Personal Information from Internet

Have you ever typed or said your name on Google out of curiosity? You’ll often find information from sources such as…

·        Social media

·        Online forums

·        YouTube channels

·        Sites where your name is mentioned. (e.g articles or books you’ve published)

·        Linkedin

·        Google images (and albums uploaded)

This information could take time to delete if you have a prolific career online.

For instance, someone who is a political blogger deemed controversial might be mentioned in almost 20 websites. These are the type of stuff that are not going away.

When fleeing on exile, you can hire a company that specializes on how to completely disappear online. Removaly is a good option for getting help with this.

Gather all your identification

You’ll need identification to help you relocate to safety or withdraw money from your bank. This is where you ask yourself “Do I want to be disappear for good?”

If your situation gets worse, a passport will help you get going and moving across borders. Without a passport, there will be no going away for you.

You’ll need a driving license or some form of ID when booking hotel rooms.

At this point, you might hire a data specialist to check whether your new identity is being used fraudulently.

It is said, some hackers can clone your new identity as a way of tricking your friends to give away information that could potentially help them pinpoint you.

It is to create an album as well for this for you to compile all identification documents.

Sell your car 

When your life is in danger you’ll want to move around more discreetly. Something might be off about losing your primary mode of transportation, but going discreet without leaving traces of your car can be a good way to free yourself.

You probably suspect that your enemy is trailing you on the road every single day. You can throw them off for a while by selling your car. The best way of doing this is selling your car in a lot or out of state.

You will never learn how to disappear completely unless you are able to make your belongings disappear first.

Doing this means that the newfound owner cannot get coerced into sharing information on your whereabouts.

Make sure the said buyer pays you in cash and never through other transactions to avoid leaving paper trails.

Don’t involve your loved ones

If you wish to disappear completely by yourself, it’s best to never involve other people. Better to keep them in the dark, especially when planning how to disappear completely.

If you feel the need to say goodbye, you could band together a few trusted friends and members of the family and invite them to a meeting, to collectively inform them of your leaving. This could help in creating a band of secrecy with your friends and family.

Doing this could put someone you love, like a friend or relative, on the line. Get rid of any photo album or video album connecting you to them.

Criminal gangs have a reputation of hurting family members as a form of revenge.

These said goons could use painful interrogation on your friends in their effort to track you down.

If you have a kid, make sure that the kid is taken care off before disappearing. Although this might sound cruel for the kid, having the kid away from you especially if you are in precarious situation will benefit the kid much more in the longer run. Ensuring your kid’s safety should be your primary priority if this is indeed your case.

This is the best time to stay sober. No need to get drunk and waste time, since this may become a cause of being almost arrested.

A night out with friends can make you reveal your plans unintentionally.

Some might end up frustrating your plans out of what might seem to be good intentions. This may not be music to your ears but it is necessary.

Create a budget

No matter where you are, you’ll need food, shelter, and clothes. All of which that are said are still essentials for executing a plan on how to disappear completely.

In this situation, you’ll need some time to settle down before applying for a newfound job.

That means paying for rent or hotel rooms and other expenses out of your own pockets.

You’ll need to save up for a while to ensure that your plan may run smoothly.

Avoid borrowing money from several friends because this will raise suspicion.

Keep it to just a couple of friends without revealing your intentions with the money. Almost all of your expenses must be kept in order. It is best to book keep regarding these matters of finances

Leave your finances in order

Almost all banks and other creditors use private investigators to track down credit defaulters. These people are equipped with piles of books and documents to track people down.

Some have said that private investigators are sometimes former police officers who have experience tracking down criminals. That’s why leaving unsettled bills can ruin your efforts to disappear completely.

Before going away, make sure you clear all your credit card bills and outstanding loans. You might have to sell your house to cease making monthly payments to your bank.

Make sure your car payments are settled before selling it.

If you have pending orders, create some time to get them delivered to clients expeditiously.

Doing this will help you avoid lawsuits once you disappear.

Having said all of those, if this isn’t possible, make arrangements on how to refund your clients.

Detach yourself gradually

It’s almost painful leaving behind your social circle. Humans are wired to belong in a group or community. For someone wanting to learn how to disappear completely, this is a heavy thought to unfold.

Why is detaching from them before going away necessary?

Because you’ll need some time doing research and fine tuning your getaway plan.

Life on the run means living in isolation for days or weeks.

You might have to decline a few social invites or group activities as a way of mentally preparing yourself for what’s next. Almost all people have said they have the urge to decline invites, which is why this would not be a struggle if you are used to it.

Take time to play alone as well. If you disappear completely, there will be no guarantee when you will be able play with friends again. Maybe even never. But once you have found the space and mindset for you to enjoy time to play and enjoy life alone, things are bound to go smoother.

You can start the detachment process by spending less time on social media. Listening less and less to the song you and your friends sing. Researchers say that listening to music can help you focus at the task at hand.


Unfortunately, you cannot bring your pet on a risky mission.

You cannot feed him or her properly when you’re constantly looking over your shoulder.

Researches have said that a malnourished animal is susceptible to diseases and traveling to the vet is unnecessary, considering the danger at hand for someone wanting to disappear.

Also, animals can sense when their owners get stressed.

This in turn makes them nervous and can bring about unwanted accidents. A nervous dog may bite bystanders while you’re taking a walk or march in the park.

Unfortunately, having a pet companion is something that may hinder being free discreetly, especially if you want to never be found for quite some time.

Change your wardrobe

It might seem a little obvious, but most people tend to forget this step.

Changing your appearance makes it harder for someone to detect you on security cameras. Plus, it buys you some time to flee or find a place to settle where it’s peaceful.

You may be thinking or have said before, “If I want to disappear, should I stick to hoodies and dark shades?”

Certainly not because it draws more attention and will not help you in your quest to never be found again.

If you normally wear formal attire, you might need to do a couple of things.

For instance, growing out your beautiful hair will conceal conspicuous facial features. Listening to a different song could help you psyche up a change in identity.

Next, you might want to switch to casual wear because your friends or family won’t expect that look.

Plan your false leads

If you’re running away from malicious people, you’ll need to mislead them for you to never be found.

That’s why you need to learn how to create false leads to keep danger at bay. Having said that, how does one do this then?

The first step would be evaluating what information your enemy probably knows about you for you to learn what to eliminate and manufacture to never be found again.

Let’s say you’re going on tour to Nevada and your home state is Michigan. You could print road or ticket planes then leave them lying in your house.

While your enemy travels to Michigan, you’re actually safe and secure in Louisiana.

Book false flights, book false hotel reservations, say you’re going to see a band at a concert,and book false restaurant reservations from time to time, to keep people away from your trail and instead have them listening to a false song of you.

Work out a convincing background

If you’re relocating to unfamiliar territory, you’ll need to develop a convincing background – especially when you’re trying to rent a newfound home.

Also, you’ll need to convince a potential employer to give you a job. Take up a hobby, write music, and create an album or photo book, create art book, or work on some woodcraft. These can support you in landing a newfound job. Develop an album or photo book of false identity for you to remain discreet despite applying for a job.

The best approach would be keeping things as brief as possible.

If someone asks why you relocated, you can tell them that you come from a small town with limited opportunities.

Don’t mention towns or areas in your home state if you want to never be found again.

Travel discreetly

Nowadays, malicious people hack surveillance cameras with the intent of illegally tracking victims.

If someone knows where you live, they can monitor you as you drive off to work as well as access security cameras in your place of work.

This puts you at a high risk of getting ambushed or suffering a home invasion.

If your body is in great shape, then you could have to cycle through dirt paths to avoid traffic cameras.

A drone equipped with a camera can also help you spot any roadblocks or potential dangers in advance.

Learn some self defense

Getting away might not come so easily especially if you want to never be found.

A spouse trying to flee from a physically abusive relationship might resort to fighting off their aggressive partner and run to survive.

When a stalker creeps into your newfound home, you’ll could need to use a significant amount of force.

You can sign up for martial arts classes to learn self-defense and prepare for such incidents. If you feel like singing a kung-fu song to get you into it, then do so.

Train yourself on how to use knives, because carrying a firearm might be a nuisance – especially when walking in malls and other public places since you have to fill out declaration forms.

Other weapons you can carry discreetly include pepper sprays and tasers.

You won’t have to declare them in most places and they’re quite affordable to replace.

Always use cash

In movies or crime television series, you often see the police track down suspects using transaction details from their credit or debit card purchases. Getting yourself free from these services may help you erase your financial footprints.

Any transaction made using a credit or debit card reveals the business location and exact time. Book keeping in this case is a necessary practice.

If you’re using a joint credit card with a spouse, they can try to use this information to find you.

Carry your cash in separate compartments for safety reasons.

Also, carry the exact amount you need for making a purchase to minimize time spent at stores or shopping areas. Avoid buying something you don’t need.

Doing this will lower your chances of getting recorded on security cameras.

Create a new legal identity

How hard is it to completely change your name? All it takes is presenting the relevant form to court.

After receiving your application, the court will do some background checks to make sure you’re not a credit defaulter. Make sure to have your album of identification documents ready for this, if necessary.

It could take a few weeks before your newly identity becomes official.

Once you arrive in your destination, you might consider using a nickname that you’ve never used in your past.

Doing this creates a layer of security because many people will stick to using it without bothering to learn your real names.

How to Create a New Identity

1. Apply for a new social security number

How do I get a new social security number legally?

First, you’ll have to completely and legally change your name.

Once the court verifies your recent identity, the next step is visiting the nearest social security office and filling out several forms.

Are there requirements?

The social security office might request to see documents supporting your need to change identity.

You’ll then receive a social security number after a couple of weeks.

2. Reintroduce yourself

When you look at your new name, it might seem strange. However, this is your newest identity and you need to fit the character.

Originally, just like in the movies, you’ll have to stand in front of a mirror every single day.

Practice introducing yourself until your body language completely matches your statement.  Don’t kid yourself into believing that no one will recognize you if you move even to the farthest of places. It is best to reshape your identity in these cases.

Another way to make yourself appear more credible is maintaining a consistent new inspired look.

Over time you’ll gradually come to associate the new name with specific clothes.

3. Be a law abiding citizen

The nice way of keeping your newly identity a secret is becoming a law abiding citizen. This is nothing new because for you to be able to learn how disappear completely, there must be a reevaluation of your old practices as a citizen.

During arrests, police usually conduct background checks on suspects.

Things might get complicated if an officer notices that your history is scarce because of an identity change.

Avoid giving in to the temptation to make a quick buck by engaging in crime. Stick to the book and keep a discipline in following the law.

Also, stay away from someone you completely suspect is actively involved in criminal activities.

How do I start a new life with no money?

Moving out of a toxic situation can cost you all your savings. So, you might have to downgrade your lifestyle temporarily. After asking yourself how to disappear completely, you must then make sure you have enough money to start a new life.

You can cope through this uncomfortable situation by taking the following steps:

1. Relocate to somewhere affordable

Relocating is the best way to completely gain independence and peace of mind. It will also help you to advance your career the best way possible. This is the first step in planning how to disappear completely.

Don’t be afraid to be a kid again when discovering newfound places.

Plus, it’s the safest place to change your entire look without drawing suspicion.

When your savings are a bit thin, you can rent a small, decent apartment. Research or read a book about the place you are moving into, in order to avoid culture shock.

Take time to identify some nice cities and you’ll find something that’s a good value for money.

Once you move in, you can install a security camera at the door or something to monitor security.

2. Set a monthly income target

Relocating to a newfound city or country is a sign that you want a completely peaceful life.

For someone to achieve this, you’ll need a sustainable monthly income. Book keeping on extra incomes should also be observed here. Avoid buying something you don’t need.

This will help you buy a newly car, home, or start a business.

Basically, you need a plan on how you’ll transition from a temporary job to a better paying one – like enrolling for a course to advance your professional skills.

Write down the steps you need to take, then set a completely reasonable deadline.

3. Make new friends

Living in isolation can make you depressed. One could not have thought of this when planning how to disappear completely.

Also, your neighbors could get completely suspicious when you don’t say, “Hi”, “I’m Fine” or “Thanks” to them.

The last thing you need is when police came knocking on your door.

You can integrate with your newfound community by taking small steps. Be a kid and have an open mind when it comes to meeting new people, as this will help establish your new life.

Hanging out with your new colleagues once or twice a week isn’t a bad idea. Then, you can join a local gym and meet new people. Go to a karaoke and sing a wonderful song with new colleagues.

Some of them can actually help you get a better job.

4. Minimize recurrent expenses

Think through everything.

For instance, food and transport are usually the biggest recurrent expenses you’ll incur. Make sure to record these transactions.

You can minimize these expenses by making a few adjustments. Book keeping can help you keep track of things like phone expenses and other bills as well as help you remember what billing accounts need to be changed to your new name.

For instance, doing bulk shopping ensures you have enough food for the next month.

You’ll also cook most of your meals to reduce expenses related to food. You also may need to sell your new phone and find an old phone instead.

Find a bicycle to take to work. Although it may be an odd idea when planning how to disappear completely, this would not only sever you from the paperwork of having a new car, but would also help you get used to a new way of life.

You might have to wake up earlier than usual to make it to work, but it’s worth it and the exercise would help sharpen your mind.

Plus, you don’t need to have a name ID or sign your name on any forms when purchasing a bicycle.

5. Stay resilient

As you settle into your newfound life, you’ll encounter many challenges and missing your friends and your old life will make you feel sad.

Sometimes, you might not hit your monthly income target. This is nothing new, and you must know that it is okay.

Planning on disappearing completely can take a huge toll on your mental health.

Take some time every day to address these issues.

When you feel lonely, call one of your newfound friends to meet for coffee. If you want to, join a band. Joining a band provides not only a group of friends but includes a sense of anonymity, since you will be absorbed into a dream group.

This helps in the long run if you want to remain discreet.

You can also spend an afternoon exploring the new city or town.

As far as money is concerned, you’ll typically be successful when you follow your plan.

How do I start a new life abroad?

1. Choose an unlikely destination

Planning on disappearing completely and choosing a new life means that no one from your old life can get in contact with you. If you are to start a new chapter of life, choosing a new name and destination would be a good place to start.

That’s why you need a destination that’s unpredictable. You’ll also have the benefit of exploring new cultures.

How do you select an ideal country? Make sure it’s somewhere you’ve never mentioned to someone else – like friends or family. Also, don’t move to a place you’ve visited in the past.

This won’t help you disappear.

An ideal location should have a favorable exchange rate because you’ll be living off your savings temporarily.

If you’re thinking of moving to less developed nations, your priority should be stability. Avoid countries that have a reputation of civil wars. In addition, pick a country with a promising economy to increase your chances of getting a decent job.

2. Learn the language

Language barriers can completely complicate your life in several ways. Getting from one point to the next is stressful when your Uber driver cannot understand what you’re saying. You might end up getting overcharged at restaurants or stores when some businesses notice that you’re a foreigner.

The excellent way to overcome language barriers is to listen to the music of the language you are aiming to learn. Music and songs have this power to not only make our bodies move, but also establish similarities and highlight nuances in a language. Thus, it is advisable for someone wanting to learn another language, to immerse themselves in the language’s music. Listening to local songs on the radio can also help.

You can completely avoid most of these issues by learning the new language in advance, a highly recommended practice to help you disappear completely. Spend two to three hours every single day learning the right pronunciations and contexts from article or book. Doing this will give you confidence to interact with the newfound people you meet, thus adding to your repertoire of knowledge in the art of disappearing completely.

3. Spot potential employers before leaving 

Proper planning will help you minimize or even completely avoid stress due to insufficient cash. One way of implementing this is by narrowing down potential companies that are likely to hire you within a month of your arrival. Knowing how to disappear completely is one thing, sustaining your life after disappearing is another.

You can start with multinational companies that operate in your city. Pay a visit to their offices and inquire about overseas jobs. Also, make sure your new name appears on an academic certificates, birth certificate, phone contact information, and bank account information to enhance your credibility.

4. Be patient

Moving into a new country isn’t just about relocating from one continent to the next. Culture shock will occur at some point and may even force you to regret your choice to disappear. You might feel uneasy about some cultures in your new country. For instance, a vegetarian might feel disgusted in a country where animals are slaughtered in public. This, although excruciating, is important to note in preparing on how to leave your old life and disappear completely.

You’ll need about 2-3 months to get used to your new environment once you disappear.

During this period, become social to help you ease the floating transition. Spend time traveling to familiarize yourself with the city or town. Don’t be impatient.

5. Don’t reconnect with your old life

You might experience loneliness and miss your old life during the first couple of months once you disappear. In this situation, you might feel tempted to go online and catch up with old friends or relatives. On the other hand, doing this means exposing yourself to the same danger that made you disappear. All the research done, name change, and actions you took to leave and disappear would be compromised.

Now you know how to create a new identity legally and disappear completely

Applying these tips will help you leave your old life and transition smoothly into a new one.

Remember to plan thoroughly and never involve loved ones in your escape plan.

That’s how you would disappear completely.