We’re living in an evolving world where almost everyone owns a mobile phone complete with GPS ability. In many cases we've become so comfortable that we hardly prepare for disasters. While getting lost is becoming harder by the day, it’s important to understand that disasters happen unexpectedly. How prepared are you for an emergency if it were to strike today? You could begin by purchasing the 2 person survival kit. https://survivalistgear.co/emergency-survival-kit/

What should you do in the event of an Emergency?

Whether you live in areas that are susceptible to disasters or not, you should always be prepared for eventualities. It’s important to train your family and friends about survival tactics in case a disaster was to strike unexpectedly. Whether you find yourself home alone, in the wilderness, inside the car, or outdoors amid a disaster, understanding what to do can determine whether or not you survive the ordeal.

Tips to Increase The Chances of Surviving With 2 People

Think Fast

If you ever find yourself in the midst of a disaster, the first thing you should do is to consider what you have and how it can help you through the ordeal. If you’re a survivalist, chances are you’ll already have a 2 person emergency kit with you. Inside these kits is everything you and another person need to survive an emergency until help arrives. You can find these types of kits at our store. Assuming you’re stuck with your partner, the 2 Person Survival Kit comes in handy to keep you protected for 72 hours. We have a variety of kits for you to choose from with the 2 person elite survival kit being among the most popular options in our collection. Not only do the components in this kit come in a beautiful camouflaged bag, but the contents are also well organized to help you access your essentials with minimal struggle.

Prepare Enough Food for 2 People

Inside this kit, you’ll find sufficient food to keep you nourished with the recommended nutrients throughout the 72 hours, enough water to keep you well hydrated until the situation improves or help arrives, and light and communication tools. Communication is critical during an emergency. You’ll need effective gadgets that you can use to call for help such as a whistle. You’ll also need something to improve visibility during the night and this is where the emergency candle and the rechargeable flashlight come in. In terms of water, this kit contains one gallon per person per day to facilitate daily use. If you’re strong enough and the situation is bearable, you could walk in search of help. Remember, you want to do so in the shortest time possible, while your strength and endurance are still highly effective, and before it gets dark. Getting lost or being stuck in an emergency situation deep in the wilderness can be scary. However, you can save your life by exercising your reasoning skills.

Prepare Shelter Thats Large Enough

If you and another person are stuck in the wilderness and no help seems to be coming and you realize that it’s getting dark, you should try to prepare shelter as fast as possible. Start by identifying an ideal position where you can set up your shelter. Fortunately, the 2 person survival kit comes complete with items to provide you with shelter and warmth. Use the emergency tube tent with rope to prepare somewhere to sleep. The emergency survival sleeping bag and body warmers will give you sufficient warmth to take you through the night.

Make Sure You are Both Well-nourished and Hydrated

Inside your survival bag are food and water. While you could be too scared to eat, it’s important to understand that eating will keep your body nourished and strong. Ensure your water intake is within the recommended levels for sufficient hydration.


Getting lost with another person in the wilderness or experiencing an emergency alone isn’t something you may want to go through. Wading through a disaster in the wilderness or at home with your partner can be easier especially with the 2 person survival kit. You can choose from the various options available on our website.