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“Safety for You, Your Family, and Your Business.”

Survivalist Gear (SG) was started in 2016 by CEO, Neil Eneix, with this exact thought.

Our goal is to provide people, homes, and businesses in our communities with the best possible residential/commercial survival and emergency preparedness products available.

The best way to help a community prepare for emergencies is by preparing each person individually.

We accomplish this by going through constant product research and development, because your safety and confidence in knowing that you are prepared for any condition is our #1.

Any product you see in our inventory is examined by us to make sure you have the best resource for emergency preparation, survival, safety, bushcrafting, and self reliance development.

This includes resources for: emergencies, home and outdoor preparation & safety, search & rescue, hunting, fishing, trapping, and hiking.

Life gives us two scenarios, and we want to help yours be a prepared one.

“A Man Who Procrastinates in His Choosing will Inevitably Have his Choice Made for Him by Circumstance.”
Hunter Thompson

The Survivalist Gear (SG) Team