Figuring out the best first aid kit can be an difficult - especially now that there are numerous options on the market to choose from. It’s important to understand why you need the kit and where you plan to use it. The benefit of purchasing the ideal first aid kit is that you’ll not only use it from time to time, but it could come in handy to save your life during an emergency.

First Aid Kit for the Workplace

Today, having a first aid kit in the workplace is an obligatory requirement. As an employer, you should adhere to these set rules to guarantee a healthy and safe working environment.

What are the Basics of Choosing a First Aid Kit?

Regardless of the objective of your first aid kit, there are various things you should ensure as seen below.
  • The kit should be specially designed to ensure that anyone can recognize it from its appearance. Many times, first aid kits come with a white cross on a red or green background.
  • It should meet the requirements of the regulatory body in the specific country
  • It should be made of a good quality casing to guarantee durability. This will come in handy to protect the contents from damage and dust. If the kit you get doesn’t meet these specifications, then you’re better off searching for another kit elsewhere. All the first aid kits from our store meet these regulations. Other factors to consider include:
  • Ensure the kit meets your needs. That is the size of your group, the activity you’ll be engaging in, and the risk factors. If you’ll be going for a kayak or canoe trip, you should
  • Ensure that your first aid kit is waterproof. If you can’t find an ideal waterproof kit, then you can opt to wrap your kit with a plastic Ziploc bag before placing it inside a dry bag. This will protect your supplies from excess moisture. If you’re traveling together as a group, you can either opt to have a group first aid kit or ensure that everyone carries a personal kit.
Fortunately, we have a vast range of first aid kits to choose from. The 10 person survival kit, for instance, will come in handy for you if you’re traveling as a group. You can also purchase the 2 person kit, the kid’s survival kit for your child, or the deluxe dog survival kit for your pet. All these kits come with essential survival items that can last up to 72 hours. If you encounter an emergency while in the wilderness, you can be sure that these items will push you through until help arrives.

Evaluating the Risks

What risks are you likely to encounter during your trip? Are your colleagues susceptible to allergies? Does anyone of them suffer from a certain type of sickness? Will they need any type of medication to stand by? What other high risks are you likely to encounter while exploring your preferred area? Regardless of your answer, our first aid kit contains everything you will need to handle an emergency.

What’s the Duration of the Trip?

Your trip duration determines the size of your first aid kit. The longer the trip, the more items you shall need. This is because; your chances of encountering situations that require first aid increase as you prolong your trip. Our 72-hour first aid kits are ideal if you intend to be away for more than a day. A Personal First Aid Kit is Ideal If you’re going for outdoor-related activities such as hiking, picnicking, or even camping, a personal kit is more ideal. While they’re designed to carry diverse essentials, they’re lightweight and easy to carry.


A first aid kit is essential for you if you’re an outdoor enthusiast. We have various options from which you can choose. Get in touch with us and we can recommend the best kit that meets your needs.