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While knives have evolved over time, they remain some of the earliest and most important tools used by mankind. A knife can be essential during an emergency which is why you should include it in a good emergency preparedness kit.

Read on to find out the best EDC knife options available and how to choose what would work best for you for self defense & every day carry.

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What is an EDC knife?

EDC (Everyday carry) is the term given to equipment that’s typically carried for daily situations. Some everyday carry gear includes pens, wallets and a watch. Keys and eyeglasses are also common daily carry items. EDC knives are tools you carry with your daily carry items.

Often, edc gear is compact and lightweight. It can also be multi-functional and durable. These characteristics make the items easily fit inside a pocket or small backpack.

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What factors should you consider when choosing the best everyday carry knife or self defense knife?

Before choosing an edc self-defense knife you should understand that everyone has unique preferences. It’s impossible to find one knife that cuts across everyone’s needs (pun intended). Again, various blades come with different capabilities and appeal.

It’s worth mentioning that blades also come with different features, advantages and faults. Are you looking for the best edc knife in 2020?

If the answer is, “Yes,” then here are several considerations to make before you make a trip to the store or purchase from a web site.


Have a set budget when looking for the best edc pocket knife. Edc fixed blade knives can vary from cheap to expensive. It’s always good to decide how much you can spend comfortably in advance.

Remember, your price determines the type of knife you can buy. The good thing is that you can get a good quality fixed blade edc knife for any budget.



It’s important to understand why you need an edc pocket knife and what you plan to use it for.

For example, some people prefer a rugged bladed edc folding knife. This would be vital if you live in the countryside or find yourself in a survival situation.

People living in urban areas may prefer the best edc fixed blade knife that can open cans and cut string off packages. To make a good decision when it comes to functionality, you must figure out the problems your current knife is giving you and what solutions you would like. This would be a good starting point.


While style isn’t a critical factor to consider, some people prefer maintaining specific themes – like carbon fiber. If style is important to you then there’s a wide range of options to choose from. Finding the best knives for defense that meets your preferences shouldn’t be a difficult task.


Knives made these days are usually designed to last for at least 5 years. Some survival pocket knives can even be passed down from one generation to the next. To extend the lifespan of your knife you need to adopt proper maintenance practices. These include frequent cleaning and sharpening of the blade.

If you aren’t in a position to adopt these practices then your knife might get rusty. No matter how affordable your knife, you want it to give you value for your money. Do this by cleaning your blade with ISO alcohol and avoid storing it in damp places.

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Choose the best small pocket knife that feels comfortable in your hands. You don’t want a blade that’s either too big or small. Such obstacles make the knife less practical for you.

Do you want to carry your knife inside the pocket? If you do then you may want to go for small bladed options. If you’ve got a backpack or bag, choose knives with bigger blades. Remember to consult with security personnel to avoid carrying your knife in restricted areas.

In some regions, for instance, you’re not allowed to carry knives that are over 3 inches long. Some regions have no size regulations. Understand local knife regulations before buying the best-concealed edc knives.


This factor depends on how conveniently you want your knife to serve you. Knives that need manual opening take long to open compared to those that come with assisted opening mechanisms.

You may not need a fast opening blade unless you’re stuck in a hostile situation. However, if you’re looking for the best self-defense knife, a fast opening option would serve you better. If you want a general use knife then any of the options mentioned here will be ideal.

How to select a blade

Here’s a list of factors to consider when choosing a blade.


The type of steel used to make a blade determines its toughness, cutting power, durability and price of your knife. High-quality knives made in the USA are not only expensive but they also come with more features that low-quality options lack. For example, powder metallurgy steel options offer high edge retention and durability. They’re also more expensive. While you may spend less on low-quality steels, they’re more prone to chipping and may need frequent sharpening. You’ll need to research your information, check reviews, and test a lot of different blades to really figure out what works best for your needs.


Blades are available in different shapes. For instance, some come with a straight edge and sturdy back. These characteristics make them useful for unique tasks like wood carving and whittling. If you’re looking for the best pocket knife of all time, choose a clip or drop point blade with a longer sloping edge.

Tanto blades, on the other hand, come with angular edges and are ideal for self-defense and piercing tasks. Clip and drop points offer overall versatility which is why they’re commonly used. However, any blade you choose will be suitable for your daily use. If you prefer one shape over the other and don’t seem to find it, any other shape will work fine.


Knife edges come in different categories which are: serrated, straight and combination. Straight edges are more versatile which is why they’re commonly used in everyday cutting tasks. Serrated edges come with jagged teeth and may not be perfect for everyday tasks. They, however, work well for tougher cutting tasks such as sawing of wood and dressing of game.

If your tasks fall in between the aforementioned categories then a combination edge will be perfect for you. One half of this type of knife is straight while the other is serrated.


This factor isn’t quite important but you can consider it to boost appearance and durability. A blade will still function even without finishing. Still, a blade that comes with a DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) coating is more durable upon review.

There are different types of finishes, but what you choose depends on your preferences. While finishing may add durability, it’s not enough to help you determine the general quality of a blade.

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What is the best EDC knife in 2020?

There are several types of edc knives available. Choosing the best type for your needs can be a difficult task. We’ve listed some of the best options you can choose from.

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The Best Self Defense Knife?

You may be saying, “there are a lot of options, which one should I choose?” I understand. Follow along to the end. We will summarize the options and provide you with our recommendations based on their strengths.

Best EDC Fixed Blade Knife

Best EDC Pocket Knife

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Best EDC Folding Knife

Best Concealed Carry Knives

Conceal carry for self defense

1. Kershaw skyline

Kershaw knives is one of the best knife companies today. The company specializes in designing and manufacturing a wide variety of knives. Kershaw skyline is one of their popular brands. It’s lightweight and slim yet offers great performance at a reasonable price.

The skyline blade is made using 14C28N steel. This is one of the best types of material for this knife’s price range. Its G-10 handle is designed to offer maximum grip and guarantee durability. This knife comes with a flipper that offers a practical deployment method. Skyline doesn’t feature an assisted mechanism. Its pocket flip is not only one of the best but you can also position it for down or tip-up carry. If you’re looking for the best knife for self-defense then skyline offers a combination of simplicity and excellence.

2. Kershaw Cryo G-10

Kershaw’s original Cryo brand has been a cheap popular edc knife for years. It’s still a good knife in terms of appearance but it comes with various flaws. For instance, it’s too heavy and lacks proper grip.

Following customer complaints, the company recently introduced Cryo G-10 which is lighter and has more grip. Its blade is made with 8Cr13MoV which is one of the most affordable Chinese manufactured stainless blade steel. This knife weighs around 3.7 ounces and the stonewash blade steel is 23/4 inches long.

Cryo G-10 is sturdy and solid. It features a great performing frame-lock and has a good appearance. This edc knife comes with the Speedsafe fast formation technology. It also has a pocket clip and is reasonably priced making it one of the best options available today.

3. Ontario Rat II

If you’re looking for the best edc folding knife then Ontario Rat II is perfect. Not only does it offer unique performance and fit but it also comes with excellent features. Rat II is lightweight and small with a powerful heat treated blade. This knife has a strong but comfortable handle that feels well balanced while in use.

Its formation is well-organized and features adequate stainless steel liners. These ensure the knife always locks up with reliable assurance. There are various blade options and handle colors of Rat II. This knife is perfect for you if you’re looking for a knife that can perform nearly all tasks.

4. Zero tolerance 0095bw titanium flipper knife

If you’re looking for the best small fixed blade knife, Zero tolerance 0095bw can be ideal. While it’s smaller than many fixed blades available today, it’s more powerful. This knife is one of the most reliable options you can carry. It comes with sturdy titanium handles that make it lighter than some solid steel blade models without ruining overall strength.

Zero tolerance 0095bw features an S35VN, harpoon-design blade that maintains a sharp edge for longer compared to s30V steel options. This knife also comes with a titanium frame lock and a tough lock bar insert to secure the blade.

Further, it features Zero Tolerance’s highly responsive and smooth KVT ball-bearing formation system. The 0095bw titanium flipper knife also comes with a reversible pocket clip. This makes it easy to carry for both right and left-handed carriers.

5. Zero Tolerance hinderer 0566 flipper knife

The Zero Tolerance hinderer 0566 comes with an easy to operate flipper action. It’s made from a sturdy wear and corrosion-resistant ELMAX steel blade which boosts the knife’s durability. The inbuilt flipper opening operation uses KVT ball-bearing system for easy and fast deployment. It also comes with titanium and standard black G-10 combination handle and the adaptable Zero Tolerance’s pocket clip feature.

6. Cold Steel Recon 1 tactical knife

This is one of the best self-defense knives available today. You can use it both for paramedic and survival purposes. Recon 1 knife is made using AUS 8 stainless blade steel and you can choose the spear or tanto point blade.

Cold Steel knives are vacuum heat-treated and cooled in frozen temperatures to make them stronger and more durable. They also come with a black Teflon coating that’s glare and rust-resistant. It also offers lubrication during cutting tasks.

Recon 1 tactical knife features a scaled G-10 handle and the Tri-Ad locking system from Cold Steel. This edc knife is large and one of the best edc knives available.

7. Zero Tolerance 0801 titanium blackwash knife

One of the good things about these everyday carry knives is that they feel weighty and solid both in your pocket and while in use. This edc knife features a titanium frame that gives it an elegant worn-in appearance. It has a straight and sharp Elmax stainless blade steel.

Other features include an inbuilt flipper for swift one-hand deployment. Zero Tolerance 0801 titanium blackwash knife has a frame lock with a sturdy steel bolt that securely holds the blade in place.

8. Cold Steel code 4 folding knife

In addition to ranking among top knife companies, Cold Steel is popularly known for reviving tanto blade in the 1980s. Cold Steel knives are sturdy which makes them perfect for everyday use. They’re made to last long and remain sharp for longer than many folding knife options in the market.

Code 4 is the company’s recent brand that was designed for police and fire professionals. This is a 3.5 inch AUS Japanese stainless blade. You can get it in a spear, tanto or clip point depending on your preferences.

It features a 9mm slim and thin aluminum handle that makes it lightweight and easy to use. Other features include a left-handed stainless pocket clip and the Tri-Ad locking system from Cold Steel.

9. James Brand Folsom folding knife

James Brand was recently founded but it’s one of the most powerful concealable knives available. Unlike the tactical edc knife, this brand is refined but functional. If you’re looking for a practical and cost-friendly knife, this would be a perfect choice.

The Folsom folding knife comes with an ergonomic G10 handle and a functional drop-point blade. It’s one of the best survival folding knives you can find today.

10. Buck Knives vantage force pro

What’s the first thing you consider before buying an edc fixed blade knife? A good number of people looking for defensive knives consider the blade deployment technique. If you’re part of this group then a fast blade deployment takes the lead over blade locks and steel strength.

This is where Buck Knives vantage force pro comes in. This brand features both flipper and assisted opening system. It’s tactical and has a stainless steel frame and a non-reflective steel drop point S30V blade.

These knives are already sharp once you purchase them. This saves you from sharpening the carbon blade which can be a difficult task. The vantage force pro knife is thicker and heavier than some edc knives available. This makes it a great choice as a rescue, general use, and self-defense knife.

11. Kershaw Launch 3

This knife comes with a sharp edge and CPM154 metallurgy steel blade. It’s fully automatic meaning it deploys swiftly and strongly at the push of a button. Before purchasing this edc knife ensure you understand the legal regulations in your area. This is because it’s prohibited in some states.

It’s also DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) coated which enhances its protection while giving it an elegant appearance. Other features include a reversible left-handed pocket clip and an anodized aluminum handle.

To ensure that users don’t deploy the blade accidentally, it comes with a recessed push button. This allows it to lodge even with the handle. Kershaw Launch 3 knife is one of the most attractive self-defense knives available today.

12. Spyderco ParaMilitary 2

This brand is a great choice for an everyday carry knife. The Spyderco Paramilitary 2 features their unique round hole for one hand blade deployment. Further, this paramilitary 2 knife comes with a G10 scaled handle and a 3.44 inch S30V steel blade. It’s lightweight, compact, and sharp with an effective concealed belt knife that you can use for various tasks.

The Spyderco Paramilitary 2 is a middle-sized edc knife measuring approximately 8.3 inches in overall length. It comes with a prime ground plain full flat edge blade made with S30V steel. The blade length measures approximately 3.4 inches while its cutting edge is slightly over 3 inches.

The knife’s handle measures around 4.8 inches long and is made with G-10 material. Spyderco Paramilitary 2 is lightweight and has a firm stable feel. The compression lock latching system of this knife works well while its pocket clip is 4-way flexible.

13. Benchmade 581 Barrage Folding Knife

Benchmade is one of the best edc knife companies around with many of their folding knives as great carry knives – like the Benchmade 940. It’s popularly known for manufacturing functional, sturdy, and smooth edc knives with good blade steel. This company’s 581 Barrage brand is one of the best everyday carry knives.

The overall length is 8.35 inches long when the blade is deployed. The blade length is 3.6 inches and this folding knife measures 4.75 inches when the blade is closed, making it bigger than many edc options available. You can everyday carry this knife all day, long but you’ll need to wear loosely fitting pants for convenience and comfort as it’s not a small knife.

581 Barrage Folding Knife’s blade deploys through Benchmade’s AXIS Assist. This is a left-handed spring-assisted system that offers swift blade deployment with a slight push on the thumb studs.

The blade is made from state-of-the-art M390 steel that grips an edge well even after recurrent use. 581 Barrage is a great edc knife for you if you don’t mind the big size. If you prefer a smaller knife you may want to look for an alternative.

14. CRKT Pilar

Columbia River Knife & Tool (CRKT) is a leading manufacturer of great and affordable designs. Pilar, their brand comes with a 2.62-inch overall blade length. While it features a flipper tab for deployment, it uses Teflon washers. CRKT Pilar measures 5.9 inches in overall length with the blade deployed.

CRKT knife features a fashionable Sheepsfoot blade shape and a deep forward coil for an enhanced full grip. This knife is lightweight and more attractive. It’s designed to hold an edge for a longer period.

15. Ruike P801

Ruike is a branch of Fenix lights and a company that specializes in manufacturing cost-friendly knives. The P801 is one of their best edc knives that give customers value for their money. Ruike P801 comes with a functional 3.5-inch drop point blade. The blade is made with Sandvik 14c28n steel making it a powerful tool.

This edc knife features a strong stainless frame-lock. The pivot relies on ball bearings to ensure flipper deployment is fast and smooth. You’ll also get a pair of thumb buttons if that’s what you prefer for deployment. Ruike P801 comes with a deep carry pocket clip and an attractive appearance.

16. Steel will cutjack

This is a multi-purpose knife that comes with an excellent combination of a satin finished blade and black handle scales. It features a high flat grind to give you good quality cutting properties. The Steel will cutjack comes with a finger coil and a prime handle to give you a comfortable and secure grip in different positions.

This knife’s blade is designed to deploy smoothly and fast with the flipper tab. It also locks up easily. This knife is compact and lightweight allowing you to secretly carry it with its classy pocket clip. Other features include a D2 steel tool blade and a changeable tip-up pocket clip. You’ll also enjoy the changeable tip-up pocket clip.

17. Benchmade Mini Griptilian 556 axis Knife

Some people are convinced that Benchmade knives are the best edc knives available as survival defense knives. While this may be true, people’s preferences vary. Still, a big number of knife enthusiasts agree that Benchmade makes good quality knives.

Mini Griptilian 556 AXIS is one of the company’s best edc knives. It’s made with Benchmade’s spring-loaded AXIS lock system and comes with a molded handle. It features a favorable pocket clip that you can attach to your pocket or belt and left-handed thumb buttons. These help you open the stainless steel combo-edge blade.

The Griptilian 556 axis knife is lightweight and comes sharpened already. All you need to do is buy and use it immediately after unpacking. The Mini Griptilian 556 AXIS Knife feels comfortable in your hand and you can use it for both tough and light cutting tasks.

18. Gerber GDC tech skin pocket knife

This edc knife measures 3.4 inches when closed and its drop point blade measures 2.5 inches. This makes it lightweight and small enough to fit inside your pockets. You can use this edc knife for daily tasks such as opening boxes and letters with ease.

The rubber handle offers a secure grip while protecting any gadgets you carry inside your pocket from scratches. It features a thumb button that’s fitted with a lock-back safety to offer a swift one-hand opening. While this pocket knife comes with excellent qualities you’ll need to sharpen it after purchasing.

19. Boker plus epicenter framelock

This has been one of the best edc knives as far as the most innovative and popular edc pocket knives Boker has ever manufactured. It comes with a titanium frame lock and its drop VG-10 steel point blade measures 3.5 inches. The manual blade deployment process is done through a double-sided thumb button.

The knife’s changeable titanium pocket clip allows for tip down or tip-up carry. Its core comes with all overall features of a proper edc knife. The knife’s titanium handle is what sets it apart from its competitors. Apart from the blade, every other part of this knife is made of titanium.

Boker plus epicenter framelock has clean lines and smooth edges making it one of the most elegant knives available today. It’s functional and durable enough to be passed from one generation to the next.

20. SOG Folding Twitch II Pocket Knife

This is a great knife made with an AUS 8 stainless steel blade that measures 2.65 inches. It’s a discreet and extremely sharp tool that you can use for hunting or emergencies. This everyday carry pocket knife is perfect for both men and women.

Twitch II Pocket Knife measures 3.55 inches when closed. It’s fitted with the SOG (Studies and Observation Group) assisted technology to allow one-handed opening. You can open it swiftly using your left or right hand with minimal struggle.

All you need is to flip this tactical edc folding knife’s kick at its back. SOG Folding Twitch II Pocket Knife comes with a sturdy aluminum handle making it strong and durable. This knife is made to last but should you experience any problems the manufacturer is open to replacements and repairs.

21. Buck Knives 0110BRS 110 famous folding hunter knife

The overall length of this knife is 89/16 inches. The blade length measures 33/4 inches while its handle is 4 .¾ inches long. This knife weighs 7.2 oz. Its clip point blade that’s made from 420hc corrosion-resistant stainless steel has edge retention and great strength.

The clip point blade features an extremely sharp controllable point making it ideal for slicing, piercing, and detail work. 110 famous hunter knife has a nail gap for easy opening. It also features a lock back technology that bolts the blade when it’s open. This guarantees stability, safety, and strength as you work.

110 famous folding hunter has collaborated with Taylor guitars. This way they’ve managed to acquire authentic brass bolsters and ebony handle inlays for a combination of balance and beauty. This knife comes with an authentic high-quality protective leather cover and a snap holder.

It comes with a belt loop that guarantees secure and safe carry along your belt for ease of access. You can use this knife for hunting and general tasks. In terms of durability, this knife has stood the test of time. It remains one of America’s best-selling tools that have been passed from one generation to the other years after its launch.

22. Spyderco shaman signature USA-made folding knife

This knife comes with state-of-the-art ergonomics and verified outline dynamics. It also features a unique CPM S30V stainless steel blade. This features a full flat grind for exceptional edge points and a sharp functional point. Its ergonomic G-10 handle is made from a rigid and temperature resistant woven adhesive filled glass fiber.

The handle is also resistant to chemicals and can be dyed in different colors. This Shaman signature knife’s blade ground features flat bevels that stretch from its spine to the cutting edge. This reduces general weight and minimizes drag when cutting. It has a plain sharpened edge and measures 4.7 inches when closed.

This knife’s overall length is 8 inches while the blade length is 3.58 inches making it lightweight. Its four-position pocket clip and high-intensity compression lock technology makes it a compact easy to carry knife.

23. Giant mouse Ace Nimbus

This is a rugged functional folding knife that comes with a black textured handle for slip-resistant grip. It features a full-flat ground satin coated Bohler M390 blade that boosts cutting performance and guarantees wear resistance.

As long as you use the blade with proper tools it can retain sharpness for long. It’s also easy to sharpen and you can do it yourself with ease. It’s strong, powerful, and easy to carry. This knife features a thumb hole for blade deployment and ball bearings to allow smooth opening and closing.

24. Kizer Feist

This knife comes with the shape and size of a conventional pocket knife. However, it’s made using the design and materials of a present-day folding knife. It was designed by Justin Lundquist. It’s one of the prevailing front flipper options available today. This knife comes with a basic and clean drop point blade.

It features a rounded spine and simple smooth shaped handle. Kizer Feist comes with a functional titanium sculpted pocket clip. The full titanium handles also come with a latch-in lock bar stabilizer insert. This knife features a ball bearing pivot to allow for smooth deployment. Its 2.8-inch blade is made using CPM S35VN steel.

The knife weighs 2.7 ounces and can be used for nearly all tasks. Kizer recently launched the Fest W which comes with a reverse tanto shaped blade. It also features a set of holes along its show side for decoration purposes. This knife features Kizer’s advanced flat pivot bolt.

25. Al Mar Mini Sere 2000

This iconic knife has been in existence for decades now. It was initially designed for use in resistance, army survival, and escape plans. It’s been a popular choice of an everyday carry knife for army special forces and ordinary citizens. However, this particular option is a smaller version of the original knife that’s more suitable for your daily carry schedule.

Still, it compares with the original Sere 2000 knife. It comes with an easy to sharpen and strong 3-inch VG-10 steel blade with a hard to break tip. Al Mar Mini Sere 2000 features a thumb stud for blade deployment and a G-10 scaled handle offers a sturdy grip. This knife weighs 3.5 ounces making it lightweight.

26. Gerber 06 Auto knife

Gerber followed feedback from military personnel in the US to design and manufacture this sturdy and durable 06 Auto knife. The entirely automatic tactical knife works well for law enforcement with the opening mechanism designed for use in daily tasks and emergencies. This knife comes with a slide safety attached in both the open and closed positions.

Its stainless steel pommel has a strike point and an easy to operate release button. The blade is made using S30V stainless steel. You can use it over the years without ruining its edge stability or sharpness. If you need an extraordinary edc pocket knife the 06 Auto option should serve you well.

27. 5.11 tactical DTP knife

The wide range of tactical edc flashlights and rush bags is what sets 5.11 apart. The company also manufactures good quality knives. Their tactical DTP knife is an ideal edc model that feels sturdy and compact inside your pocket. It comes with an AUS8 steel blade that measures 2.85 inches and a spear point.

This knife features a grey Teflon coating that repels moisture and minimizes glare. It also features a semi-skeletonized textured grip handle that leaves a rugged feeling in your hand. Other features include left-handed thumb studs for swift blade deployment, an assisted lock back system, and a changeable pocket clip.

If you’re a choosy knife enthusiast then this brand may not be for you. However, if you prefer exploring options it would be ideal.

28. Hardcore Hardware MILF-01 knife

The MILF manufacturing company is based in Australia. While the blacked-out tomahawks have set Hardcore Hardware apart from their competitors, they also manufacture good quality edc knives. The MILF-01 knife tactical folder knife is one of a kind.

It’s rugged and comes with a fitted drop point blade design. Its blade is made using CPM S30V steel that’s famed for its ability to maintain a sharp edge and proven strength. Other features include a stainless steel frame that features 3D coated g10 scales and a frame lock.

It also comes with a removable stainless steel frame thumb button. You can fix it in any of the blade’s three included slanting holes. It also features a changeable pocket clip.

29. Gerber propel downrange AO knife

It’s easy to edc and comes with a prime S30V steel blade. This knife can be used in various situations like survival, military, and fieldwork along with everyday carry tasks. Gerber propel downrange AO knife comes with assisted opening 2.0 construction fold-out plunge lock to guarantee optimum handling safety.

This is a lightweight and rugged knife that’s ultra-durable and comes with an ergonomic design.

With the system you can easily access it from different angles and features a full-length half-serrated blade that’s perfect for slicing through tough nylon and canvas. It can resist frequent use in different tactical surroundings.

It’s also finished with a black oxide coating and designed to reduce glare and prevent corrosion. The 3-way pocket clip adjusts to fit in various carrying positions. The knife’s balanced weight distribution guarantees a comfortable and natural grip for precise and safe use. The overall Gerber propels downrange AO knife length is 8.52 inches.

Its blade measures 3.5 inches while the knife measures 5 inches when closed. It weighs 4.28 oz. and comes with a pommel with a lanyard hole. Purchase this knife and enjoy a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

30. CRKT Delilah’s P.E.C.K.

Finding a small edc knife that can fit easily and comfortably in your keychain shouldn’t be a difficult task anymore. What with the CRKT Delilah’s P.E.C.K. knife? (Precision. Engineered. Compact. Knife.) It weighs less than an ounce which means you can carry it throughout the day without getting weighed down. It measures 2.625 inches when closed and takes minimal space in your pocket. It features a Wharncliffe frame lock blade and 3Cr13 sharp steel making it perfect for handling everyday tasks.

31. Spyderco Dragonfly 2

This is an improved second generation tool. Spyderco has applied the C.Q.I (Constant Quality Improvement) process to make this knife more effective. Dragonfly 2 comes with a similar handle and blade geometry as the original version. It features leveraging points giving its cuts the feel of a bigger knife.

Further, it comes with a superior VG-10 blade. It has some bulk at the spine and choil for enhanced control. The handle uses Bi-Directional Texturing, a patented feature by Spyderco on FRN (fiberglass reinforced nylon.)

This knife also comes with a changeable tip-up wire clip for excellent carry features. Its back lock steel frame guarantees solid performance with a tight lock. This knife weighs 1.2 ounces, is reasonably priced and has an ergonomic design.

32. Schrade SCHA5B M.A.G.I.C. folding knife

Are you looking for an assisted opening liner lock folding knife? If yes, then Schrade SCHA5B M.A.G.I.C. would be a great choice. It comes with an attractive black matte aluminum handle that features the angled design. This knife has a high carbon 3.3-inch stainless steel black clip point blade with left-handed thumb buttons.

It also comes with an inbuilt lanyard hole and a pocket clip. Its handle has a safety lock to prevent the blade from closing accidentally when it’s in use. Schrade SCHA5B M.A.G.I.C. is designed to be concealable, for swift deployment and excellent performance. This knife comes with a 3.3-inch long blade and an 8-inch full length.

It’s lightweight and has extra support for key ring chains or lanyards. Whether you want to use it for cutting fruits, wood carving or twig trimming this knife is a great choice. It’s also ideal for general everyday tasks.

This knife features military design texture along its body and a polished layout. It comes with stonewash coating to guarantee rust resistance and durability. Schrade offers a variety of knives, survival accessories and hunting equipment.


What’s the best steel for a knife?

Carbon stainless steel is one of the most popular materials when it comes to knife making. Some carbon steel materials come with chromium to enhance resistance against corrosion and extreme temperatures. These also boost performance levels.

What is the best steel for a hunting knife?

There are numerous good quality steels available today such as 440C, VG-10, ATS34, and D2. However, a big percentage of knife manufacturers prefer 154CM, 440C, and ATS34.

What makes a good EDC knife?

It should be lightweight and easy to carry every day. If you prefer big knives they may not be ideal for everyday carry tasks. Still, a small knife can be inadequate for some tasks.

What’s the best edc knife carry method?

You can carry your edc knife around your belt pouch. However, it’s important to understand that you should keep it concealed but readily available.

Never wear your knife around the neck. Remember, you can still carry your knife visibly depending on its size, finish and color of the pocket clip. While some pocket clips are more discreet, others leave part of your knife in the open. With a proper pocket clip, you can access your knife swiftly and easily.

An in-pocket carry is great for discreet carrying within a public setting. However, accessing it can be a difficult task. You may want to experiment with different carry methods to find what works best for you.


Are you looking for a good quality edc knife? If you are, this guide should help you find one that best suits your needs.

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