If you love outdoor activities such as hiking and camping, you probably have a special backpack for the event. If you know that your backpack translates to a survival kit? Whether you’re driving to the campsite or going as a group, you’ll need a camping survival kit complete with essential items that will take you through the activity in case disaster strikes while you’re miles away from home.

Items you’ll need to have in Your Camping Survival Kit

While going camping means that you’ll be away from home for days, you’ll still need to continue with your normal life regardless. It takes some campers many days to pack for their camping activity. If you’ve ever prepared for a camping activity you understand that it’s not an easy task. Apart from not knowing what to pack, oftentimes you’ll still forget to pack something. This is not the case however if you decide to choose our camping survival kit. Our kit is specially designed by experts in the industry who what's needed for dealing with an emergency while camping. They understand all the essential items that you’ll need to make it through your camping outing. The things that we include in our camping survival kit include: Water, food, first aid kit, flashlight, warmth and shelter items such as a sleeping bag, tube tent complete with a rope, and emergency hood and poncho. You will also get an emergency whistle and water purification tablets. You may not tell how long you will be experiencing an emergency situation. Therefore, these water purification tablets come in handy if you have to use water from unknown sources. Our options for camping survival kits are designed to serve users for up to 72 hours, and we also include one gallon of water per day per person both for drinking and sanitation reasons according to FEMA.

Pre-made Kit vs Assembling

Some people prefer to assemble their kits. However, the joy of having our kits is that they come with everything you need to survive an emergency situation. They’re also well organized to ease access. The contents are taken through rigorous testing to ensure they meet the recommended requirements and are fit for human consumption. Still, you’ll need to keep monitoring the expiration date especially if you’ve had your kit for more than one month. If you notice that these items are about to expire use them immediately. If there are already spoilt items, you can throw them away and replace them immediately. Assembling a kit is too much work that you probably won’t manage especially if you have a busy schedule.

First Aid Kit

Have you noticed that small accidents tend to happen to you when you’re away from home? Don’t let small accidents ruin a great experience. Our camping survival kit comes complete with a first aid kit that comprises of gauzes, bandages, gloves, and sterilized swamps. Often, you may need to mend some torn cloth and this is why we have included a sewing kit. If you’re like many campers, chances are you already have your water bottle to keep yourself hydrated. What you don’t know is that often, you may lose your water bottle deep in the wilderness. This shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your camping outing. We’ve included enough water that you can continue taking even if you were to lose your own bottle. If you have to carry a water bottle, ensure it’s environmentally friendly and lightweight. When it comes to water, you know that not all water is safe for drinking. Some of the water you’ll encounter during your camping activity is contaminated. You don’t want to get sick while having a good time and that’s why you should purify your water with water tablets before using it.


Next time you go camping, consider carrying our camping survival bag. It has everything you’ll need to make it through any camping survival experience. Our experts are always ready to help. Call in and get assistance where necessary. Our range of kits includes; the 5 person survival kit, the 2 person deluxe survival kit, and we also have a dog deluxe survival kit for you if you have a pet.