Are you a wilderness activity enthusiast? Whether you choose to hit the trail for a week-long wilderness adventure or a special day hike at the local state park, you need to be prepared for uncertainties. This is where a wilderness survival kit comes in handy to carry.

You Could Encounter Sudden Emergencies

As you walk on the wilderness trail hunting or trying to explore the outdoor environment, you can easily slip into an emergency survival situation without realizing it. From slipping on water, sliding on a muddy section or wet rocks, or spraining your ankle, these are some of the emergencies you need to be prepared for.

What Should be in a Wilderness Survival Kit?

As far as survival tools, there are several questions you need to consider about your situation before heading on a special trip. Will you be alone? Are you traveling with colleagues? Are your colleagues well experienced to provide first aid in case of an emergency? In your survival kit list, do you have every tool, piece of food, water, aid, or hunting item you need to carry for survival if an emergency occurs? Can you manage an emergency or survival situation alone with your lightweight pack and shelter? Special planning is the key to survival in the wilderness. Preparing for an emergency in advance can be what it takes to save your life in a survival situation. While you can’t be ultimately prepared for any emergency, the little steps you take to carry the right tool or special item will help a lot during a survival situation.


As a part of your survival gear, your outdoor survival kit should be small and lightweight. Remember, you’ll need to carry these on your shoulders for the better part of the day. Even with shelter in your pack, you don’t want to carry survival kits that cause you to grow weary after a short period of time. If you think some survival items in your kit are irrelevant, you can as well leave them behind if that’s what it takes to have a lighter kit. Whatever you do, make sure you have enough aid items, including water, in your kit to help you make it through a special emergency in the wilderness while you wait for rescuers to arrive.


Many people struggle with planning and organizing their survival kit list. Sometimes it's difficult to be aware of what to carry in their survival pack and what to leave behind. This, however, won't be a problem if you use a survival kit from our store. We’re committed to providing high quality and durable wilderness kits to help you survive any special wilderness related emergency.

What are the Best Wilderness Survival Items? (Top 10)

We have a lot of outdoor survival kits in our collection to choose from and you can pick the survival gear that best fits your needs. Our 10 person ,and 5 people 72-hour survival kits are among the most popular product in our collection. All our kits carry sufficient food and water to last each person for 72 hours. You can use the water for drinking and sanitation purposes. Other items included in our survival kits include: water purification tablets, LED rechargeable flashlights, 12-hour emergency bright sticks, waterproof matches, survival whistle, first aid kit, and sanitation and hygiene items. You may also need a compass and a map or a GPS system. As much as the GPS system is modern, it’s fragile and if it breaks you may have nothing to rely on. This is why you need to know how to use the compass. Kit items are kept in special waterproof bags to protect essential items from extreme weather conditions. Remember, your wilderness survival kit doesn’t have to be complex. We have eased the process by providing ideal kits that only contain the essentials you’ll need.

What are the 5 Most Important Survival Skills?

It can be difficult to narrow things down to the 5 most important. Even though it's not easy, here's a place to start.
  • Have an emergency plan
  • Know how to use a knife blade
  • Understand what basic safety equipment is effective, and absolutely necessary to carry in your survival kits (like a container, flint, tinder, cotton, light, wood, mirror, steel or metal, shelter, something to signal)
  • Carry the right size & fit clothing and blanket (or blankets) to keep your body warm in the cold
  • Know how to use a compass and map
  • Understand how to heat yourself by making a fire using basic resources


As much as outdoor activities like camping can be exciting, they can be marred by numerous emergencies. Sometimes you could even get lost in the wilderness, and you’ll need to survive with water until you’re rescued or you can find your way out. If you’re traveling with colleagues, a survival kit will come in handy to help you handle any emergencies when they happen. Whether you fall and sprain your ankle or you’re caught up in a storm, survival kits from our store come with the essential and special items that you’ll need to make it through the emergency.