In order to be appropriately prepared for a disaster, you may need to customize your survival kit depending on your surroundings. For instance, if you live in urban areas, your needs will be quite different from those of someone in the rural areas. Here are some tips to help you create or choose your SG urban survival kit.

Planning Factors for Urban Survival

Disasters that strike urban centers present residents with exclusive factors they need to consider when choosing a survival bag. These include:
  • Dealing with and having to navigate flying debris in the event of a disaster
  • A likelihood of encountering goo and bad human beings
  • Chances of getting supply items in abandoned buildings. Did you know that during an emergency situation everything becomes disoriented, so much so you could find yourself in an unknown house eating anything you can lay your hands on? Disasters are not fun and we can only hope that they won’t strike near our regions.
  • Less emergency shelter because urban centers are often congested and you may ever know where the next disaster will happen.

Urban Survival Essentials

The ultimate urban survival kit should be well packed to allow you to survive through an emergency with ease. We have an experienced team of professionals who’ve come together to provide you with the best items you will need to handle emergencies. The best thing about all this is that they come pre-packed with everything we believe will help you survive an emergency for 72 hours. Remember, you can utilize your items sparingly to use them for longer. After all, you may not know how long it will be before the situation improves.

Items You May Need for Urban Survival

Sufficient Food

Our urban survival kit comes with enough food and water, a hydration bag complete with a straw, and water purification tablets which come in handy should you want to use water from unknown sources. Our kit also features one gallon of water per person per day for drinking and sanitation, in adherence to the regulations set by FEMA.

Health and Sanitation

We also include a health and sanitation list of items which include; a toothbrush, wet wipes, toothpaste, shampoo or conditioner, soap, disposable razors, deodorant gel, toothpicks, sanitary napkins, a washcloth, a shaving cream, pocket tissues and hand, and body cream. You can’t go wrong with our urban survival kit. Remember, it’s been prepared by expert individuals who have been in the industry for years, and who have experienced disasters before. You can be sure that you won’t need to add anything to the kit, unless of course, you may need specialized medication. Our kits come complete in camouflage bags and are well organized to ease access. It’s also lightweight allowing you to grab and run to safety during an emergency. Range of Urban Survival Kits We have a wide range of survival kits for you to choose from. The 5 person and 10 person survival kits are popular among many people especially those that have big families. You can also purchase the 1 person survival kit for your car. This would come in handy because you may never predict when an emergency will strike. If you don't already have a survival kit for urban disaster scenarios, we suggest that you begin by choosing one survival kit from our online store. our experts will be more than ready to recommend the best kit that meets your needs and that of your family or colleagues.


Did you know that an urban survival kit can come in handy to save your life in the event disaster strikes suddenly? Whether you live in disaster-prone areas or not, you need to prepare for or purchase a survival kit.