Today, many people are discovering the advantages of preparing for emergencies. Having a basic survival kit in your home during an emergency helps you remain self-reliant between the beginning of the emergency and when the situation improves. If you live in disaster-prone regions, you want to prepare for the worst early in advance. This way, you and your family won’t be stuck when calamities strike.

Preparing Enhances Your Chances of Survival

When an emergency declaration is made, many people will be forced to wait for the government to provide solutions. However, this shouldn’t be the case as the government can only do so much. You and your family should devise workable ways of preparing and having a strategy to fall back on when emergencies catch you off guard. That basic survival kit could be what it takes to save your life. Gathering together the tools you need to stay safe can be costly and time-consuming. This is where our basic survivalist kit comes in. We have a vast range of these kits for you to choose from depending on the size of your family. Whether you’re preparing for catastrophic disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, or you need survival gear for use during your camping or picnic sessions, our kits contain everything you need.

What’s included in the Basic Kits?

Our basic survival kits contain essential items you’ll need to survive through a disaster. These include; food, water, first aid supplies, shelter, hygiene and sanitation supplies, water purification and filtration items, and safety equipment. One of the popular survival kits in our collection is the 10 Person Survival Kit which lasts for 72 hours. If you have a large family, this kit will come in handy. What’s more, you can ration your portions. This means you can use the food for longer, or until help arrives. With proper preparation, you can remain calm until life gets back to normal. Remember, the last thing you want during a crisis is to be stressed or under panic. This affects your ability to think and make coherent decisions. According to emergency experts, paramedics, doctors, and teachers, every person should at least remain positive during an emergency. This promotes mental endurance and your overall health which plays a major role in helping you survive.

A Variety of Survival Basic Kits

We understand that everybody’s needs vary when it comes to emergencies. Whether you live alone or have kids, we’ve got you covered. Our Kids survival kit, for instance, will keep your child well-nourished and sufficiently hydrated for 72 hours. One exciting thing about this kit is that it’s been customized complete with kid-friendly designs. These are guaranteed to help your child relax during emergencies. From this kit, your child will get sufficient, nutritious and tasty food, as well as enough water to help them quench their thirst. They’ll also get toys and an activity coloring book complete with crayons to keep them busy and help them make it through the traumatizing moment. We also have a one-person survival kit that can last you for 72 hours. Just like the survival kit for kids’ kit, you’ll get food, water, communication and lighting equipment, shelter and warmth essentials, hygiene and sanitation essentials, and survival cards to keep you occupied throughout the ordeal.


Whether you live in disaster-prone areas or not, you need a basic survival kit to help sustain you and your family if disaster strikes. Remember, disasters can strike anywhere at any moment and being prepared can be what determines whether or not you’ll survive. We have some of the best basic survival kits for you and your entire family. Discuss your needs with us and we shall be glad to be of help.