There are many reasons why you may need a mini survival kit. Whether you live in a disaster-prone area or not, you understand that disasters can strike at any time. Since you may not know the magnitude of the disaster and how long it will be before the situation stabilizes, being prepared is critical.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Mini Survival Kit

Whether you’re caught up deep in the woods or at home during a storm, floods, or a severe earthquake, having a survival kit will help you make it through until help finally arrives. Here are things you should look out for when picking a survival kit to meet your needs. Remember, the ideal kit will depend on the situation you’re facing. Day hikers and backpackers, for instance, should have an individual survival kit that contains essentials to keep them warm, call for help, and build a fire. If you live in areas that are susceptible to natural disasters such as hurricanes, you may want to choose a survival kit that is comprised of food and water rations that can last you approximately seven days. You’ll also need medical supplies. There are numerous emergency kit options on the market today for you to choose from and our Mini Emergency Kit is one of the best options. We also have a Mini Survival Kit for kids. Here are tips to help you pick the best kit that’s capable of handling any emergency.

Individual kits

The Mini Survival Kit is ideal for individual use. Whether you’ll be using it outdoors or even indoors, this kit will come in handy to help you survive for approximately two days or until rescuers finally find you. The kit contains various items which include: a Box of Waterproof Matches, a 5-in-1 Survival Whistle, a 400-Calorie Food Bar, a Multi-Function Pocket Knife, a 4 oz. Water Pouch, an Emergency Survival Blanket, and a battery-free Hand Rechargeable Flashlight.

Home Survival

The Mini Survival Kit also comes in handy for home survival purposes. The good thing about this kit is that there is a kid’s version complete with similar items as you’d find in the Mini Survival Kit. Imagine what a stressful situation you’d have to tolerate in the event of a disaster. Lack of power and disrupted services become the order of the day. The roads would be inaccessible which means the grocery stores would remain closed. If you have a large family with young kids, the situation could worsen if you have no survival kit on hand. This is where our Mini Survival Kit would come in handy to save your life. You could rely on the emergency survival whistle to call for help before you or your children's mini survival kit runs out. We also stock larger survival kits that contain more supplies to last you longer depending on the magnitude of the disaster. Whatever you do, ensure your survival kit has a water purification gadget. This will help you purify your drinking water in the event normal water supply is disrupted. Organizing Your Mini Survival Kit The good thing about the Mini Survivalist Kit is that it’s well organized with everything in place and accessible. All you’ll want to do is keep your kit in an easily accessible place where you can grab it and run to safety in case of a disaster. Train your kid as well and let them know where their Kid Mini Survival Kit lies. This way, you can be sure that everybody will be safe in case of unexpected eventualities.


Our Mini Survival Kit is a must-have unit whether or not you live in a disaster-prone area. It contains sufficient items that’ll take you through the disaster for a few days until life goes back to normal.