The five-person survival kit is specially designed to take you through a disaster with minimal struggle. Have you ever thought about disasters striking your region when you aren’t ready? Of course, you can’t be prepared enough for a disaster. However, having some basic items can be what it takes to save your life.

Tips to help 5 People Survive a Disaster

Disasters such as fires, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, and other human-triggered disasters throw lives in disarray. The only way to remain safe when disaster strikes is by being adequately prepared. If you live in disaster-prone areas especially, you want to have a concrete plan and know the steps you should take during emergencies. You also need to educate your family and ensure that they are conversant with the preparedness process.

Preparing Your Family

Part of preparing your family is ensuring they understand the exit routes. Living in disaster- prone areas means that the authorities have in place ways in which the residents can evacuate from the region as fast as possible. You may want to get in touch with officials from your local area to get a glimpse of how you can escape when the need arises. Further, you should have in place a family emergency plan. Discuss emergencies with your family, especially those that are likely to strike within your area. Figure out how you as a family should react towards different emergencies. Another important step you should take is to have a survival kit for the entire family. Our 5 person survival kit is specially designed to provide support for 5 people for 72 hours. We have carefully selected the items inside the kit to ensure that you can use them in any emergency situation.

How does the 5 Person Survival Kit Compare to Self Made Kits?

Our survival kit contains several products that can take you through a disaster until; either help arrives, or the situation improves. The kit also comes in a well-organized water storage bag to protect the items from excess moisture and other weather-related elements. If you prefer preparing your own survival kit for 5 people, you will want to know what to pack and what not to pack - this can be difficult if you're preparing for multiple people. Often, you won’t have enough time to collect everything you need. This is why we recommend the 5 person survival kit that comes pre-packed with all the items you may need during an emergency.

Steps to Take When Disasters Happen

There are various steps you can take to protect yourself and others from the adverse effects of disasters. These include; During an earthquake, drop down to the ground and take cover. You may want to hold on to something. Identify a robust shelter and hide beneath such as a table or a desk. Remain there until the ground settles and stops shaking. When the earthquake is over and depending on the aftermath, you may want to adhere to instructions from the local authorities and ensure your family is safe.

Navigating an Explosion With 5 People

When there’s an explosion, take cover under a table or desk. When the explosion is over, leave the building as soon as possible while exercising caution to ensure you’re safe. Never use an elevator during disasters and you also need to stay away from the hot door. In the event of a fire in your home or nearby area, the first thing you’ll need to do is to grab your survival kit and leave the room as soon as possible. You may not know how far or soon the fire will spread. To be on the safe side, you’ll need to leave the site and proceed to safe places.


The 5 person Survival kit from Survivalist Gear is a must-have kit for you if you have a family. The contents inside the kit will take you through the disaster for 72 hours. While you may never know how long a disaster is bound to last, you can be hopeful that help will arrive before you finish the essentials inside your kit.