Do you need a survival fishing kit? Have you ever thought and purchasing one perhaps you’ve never seen the need to? However, it’s important to understand that this kit can come in handy to save your life during an emergency.

Why would you want an Emergency Fishing Kit?

A compact fishing kit is specially designed to be small and light enough. You can easily carry it along with you when you go fishing. Our survival fishing kit is specially designed to cater to your basic needs if you ever face an emergency situation while out fishing. The 1 person elite survival kit comes with sufficient food and water to last you for 72 hours. It’s worth noting that this is the minimum time your supplies can last. You can even limit your consumption to prolong the time to approximately two weeks. This way, you can be guaranteed of having enough food and water to take you through an emergency situation with minimal struggle, or when the rescuers arrive. The contents you’ll find inside this survival kit include; enough food and water, communication and light items, warmth and shelter items, as well as a first aid kit.

Emergency Fishing Tools

Our kit also includes various tools that can come in handy in case of an emergency. They include; safety goggles, 50 feet of nylon rope, a multi-function pocket knife, and a respirator dust mask. You’ll also get sanitation and hygiene items.

What does Survival Fishing Involve?

Survival fishing involves quantity as opposed to quality. Instead of wasting your effort and time in attempting to catch a huge fish, you can make do with a small number of crappies and bluegill. You don’t want to spend all your calories hunting for food and then lack the energy to eat it. In a survival situation, you can find bugs and worms under fallen logs and rocks. Insert a small piece of the worm on the hook instead of wrapping it around. This is because many of the fish have a small mouth, which means they’ll have difficulties getting an entirely baited hook past their lips. They could end up nibbling on the bait and you’ll end up catching nothing. The best time to catch freshwater fish is during the evenings and mornings. If you have to fish in the middle of the day, focus on shaded areas or spots that have visibly fallen structures such as logs under the water. Many of the fish will be camouflaging under the shade during the day. Where possible, set up a trotline especially if you’ll be spending most of your time inside a big water body such as a lake or river. A trotline if a line that’s usually stretched over the water with various smaller baited lined known as snoods. It’s important, however, to understand that trotlines are illegal in various regions.

Our Survival Kit for Fishing

Our fishing kit is specially designed to help you make it through an emergency situation. Remember, anything can go wrong when you’re in the wilderness. Don’t suffer when you can purchase the 1 person survival kit that comes complete with sufficient food and water to help you stay nourished with essential nutrients and well hydrated. Our survival kit has been carefully selected to ensure the food contains essential nutrients that you need to stay healthy. Further, we include a gallon of water per person per day according to recommendations from FEMA. Use the survival whistle to call for help, and the emergency flashlight to increase your visibility when darkness sets in. The emergency sleeping bag and body warmer will help you sleep comfortably at night.


If you’re a fishing enthusiast, you need to understand that many things can go wrong when you’re in the wilderness. Since you may never know how long an emergency situation will last, you need to have a survival kit with you to increase your chances of surviving. Get in touch with us and we shall be glad to help.