Our ultimate survival kit choices are designed to be the most capable option when it comes to preparation and safety. You'll find everything you'll need to be prepared for a disaster. Survival kits are a critical part of your emergency planning and preparedness. Disasters can strike without warning and often when they happen you may need to relocate. Having the ultimate survival kit in an easy to reach place in your house can come in handy during such circumstances.

When Disaster Strikes

When disaster strikes, you may need to sustain yourself and your family with survival food. At SG, we offer a range of survival kits to help you make it through the disaster period until everything gets back to normal. Within our range are the 2 person elite survival kits, the 4 person elite survival kits, and the 1 person elite survival kit. Inside these kits, you’ll get sufficient water and food to keep you nourished and hydrated. The other items included in these kits include hygiene and sanitation products, first aid items, and essential items to shelter you and keep you warm. Our emergency survival kits are versatile and you can easily keep them in your basement, car, cabin, or even closet. Whatever you do, ensure that your kit is in an easily accessible place, where you can grab it and run to safety.

What are some of the Best Survival Kits Available in the Market Today?

There’s a vast range of emergency kits you can choose from the market today. For instance, our survival kits are specially designed for various purposes. As an example, the contents inside an earthquake survival kit will differ from the contents inside a camping survival kit. You need to define your needs before choosing a survival kit. Here are some of the emergency survival kits in the market you may want to consider.

Top Survival Kits

Cars often break down in the most unlikely places. You may not be in a position to tell when, where, or at what time your car will break down. Some of the contributing factors to car- related emergencies include; torrential rains and extreme snowfall. These not only make the roads impassable, but they can stall your car. Imagine what a frustrating experience that would be for you especially when you have your family on board. When faced with such a situation, you need to have the right tools not only to help you out of the situation but to also ensure you arrive home safely. The best survival kits are not only compact, but they are versatile and you can store them under the seats or in the trunk. Some advanced kits in the market today comprise of jumper cables, a spare tire, a knife, wrenches, flashlight and batteries, a first-aid kit, and screwdrivers.

Government or Military Issued Survival Kits

These are all-purpose kits that contain everything that you may need to keep you sustained if you encounter an emergency down in the wilderness or during camp. The ultimate military survival kits comprise of waterproof packing, survival blankets, Swiss knives, a compass to help you find direction, waterproof matches, a water bag, first aid supplies, and signaling mirrors. With these kits, you can light a fire to keep yourself warm as you wait for help to arrive. The knives come in handy to help you slice wild fruits or small prey to survive on before you’re finally rescued. Military kits are among the best and most popular kits in the survival kits industry.

Ultimate Emergency Kits

If you live in an area that experiences frequent earthquakes, you know that they can strike anytime and being prepared isn’t an option. Sometimes catastrophic earthquakes can disrupt life, trigger prolonged power cuts, and even result in lack of sufficient food in grocery stores. A good emergency kit comes with waterproof jackets, flashlights, and non-perishable foods to keep you sustained in the event you have to escape to safer ground.


Our primary goal is to ensure that our customers get the best survival kits they need with ease. Our kits are specially designed to sustain you and your family in times of emergencies.