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MREs or Meals Ready to Eat are the best emergency preparedness food.

Not only are they ready to consume, but they also don’t require preparation and users can use them as survival food.

MRE food is ideal for use during outdoor activities such as hunting, camping, biking, motorcycle trips, and fishing expeditions. 

What does MRE Stand for and what do they contain?

MRE stands for Meals ready to eat.

These meals are specially designed to keep you hydrated and well-nourished with the recommended nutrients.

MRE meals especially come in handy for use by military personnel when they are out on an operation where accessing normal food supply can be an tough task. 

A Military MRE is self-contained and comes complete with a comprehensive meal packed inside an adaptable meal bag.

The bag is designed to be lightweight and can easily fit inside the pockets of military clothing. Each meal package comes with an entree and a vast range of other food items.

They can include things like: side dishes, sandwich bread, and sandwiches, snacks, and desserts drink powders, spreads and sauces, flameless MRE rations heaters, and other accessories. 

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Civilian MRE for Use

Today, you can easily purchase a civilian MRE from your local store. Even easier still, you can purchase these ready to eat meals from various reputable online stores.

Whether you live in a disaster-prone region or not, you may not know when a disaster will strike. 

To be prepared for disasters, you need to identify the ideal civilian MRE for sale and collect enough food packs for your family.

If you have pets, remember to purchase some MRE rations to keep the pet fed during an emergency until the situation stabilizes.

Eating a 28 Year Old MRE (Video)

Buy MREs for Outdoor Activities

Are you an outdoor activity enthusiast?

If you do, you understand that preparing meals while on a hike can be a time-consuming task.

In this case, MRE’s come in handy since you don’t have to prepare them. 

Ordinary food options can also be weighty which makes them bad candidate for outdoor activity.

You don’t want to carry excess weight when going for a picnic or hiking event. An experienced hiker will usually be familiar with the rule that you should not carry more than 30 pounds when going for a hike outdoors. 

Locating an MRE Store

Finding a grocery store where you can purchase traditional food while on a hiking activity can be difficult. You may have to stay behind to purchase and prepare food for the team.

This comes with inconveniences too since you’ll need to carry essential food preparation equipment which takes away the fun from your outdoor activity. Instead use an MRE for the ultimate outdoor activity experience. 

Using MREs During Emergencies

If you live in areas that are more susceptible to disasters such as; tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes, you’ll need to purchase your military surplus MRE is preparation just in case disaster strikes unexpectedly.

With enough MREs in your house for you and your loved ones, you can be guaranteed of making it through the emergency until help finally arrives.

Are you a vegetarian? 

Are you worried that you won’t find vegetarian MRE? You need not worry anymore.

Today, you can find vegetarian MRE for sale from various retailers and online stores. It’s worth mentioning that having sufficient MRE in your home for you and your family can go a long way in saving your lives.

If you’re a survivalist, also known as a prepper, chances are that MRE is among your favorite go-to emergency preparation meals. 

Remember, you can store the MRE surplus in your home for many years without worrying about it going bad.

One good thing about MRE is that: regardless of how long you keep it, it’ll still be the best tasting MRE it was when it was first packed. MREs are specially designed to last long without the use of preservatives or refrigeration. 

MRE for Sale

Are you looking to purchase the best quality MRE? Where can you purchase these meals ready to eat? One of the differences between civilian and military MREs is that; the latter is specially designed for military personnel.

As a civilian, you can’t purchase military MRE over the counter.

When you decide to stock buy civilian MRE in reparation for emergencies, you should first do your due diligence to ensure that the seller is legitimate. 

Buying an MRE from suspect sellers can put you in a risk of purchasing low quality and sometimes expired products.

An advantage of purchasing MRE from reputable sources is the fact that you can report the problem to the seller.

If you buy from illegitimate sources however, you’ll have nowhere to turn to in case anything goes wrong.

Some of the reputable MRE sources include;

Online MRE Stores

The Ecommerce industry has continued to evolve over the years. There are numerous online stores today from where you can order MRE from.

You can compare prices online and purchase the best-priced products depending on your needs and budget. 

It’s worth mentioning that the most expensive MREs are not necessarily the most effective.

Make sure that the online stores are authentic and go thought some research before buying products – especially for those that aren’t yet popular.

Another important factor to consider before ordering your MRE is the shipping charges.

Does the store offer free shipping? If not, compare the shipping prices against the price of the MRE.

Buy MRE from Amazon

Amazon is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms in the world. The platform is famed for having authentic products and excellent services.

There’s a wide selection of MRE for sale products for you to choose from, but, you’ll often find that the best products aren’t provided on the Amazon platform and instead are on niche survival websites.

MREs for Civilian Use Pros?

There are various reasons why you may want to purchase MREs as seen below.

They’re ready to eat

You don’t have to cook, heat, or even refrigerate MREs. When you get hungry and all you need is food, you can simply open your MRE and proceed to eat on the spot.

MREs are also lightweight and portable. You can consume them on the go anytime, anywhere.

MREs are Tasty and Diverse

There’s a wide range of MRE options to choose from. These include oatmeal, pasta, rice, chicken, beef, applesauce, desserts, pork, vegetarian MREs, beverages, and various spices.

You can get the ideal meal options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You’ll also have a wide range of snacks. 

The MRE kits you choose depend on your preferences and budget. This means that you can purchase a complete meal set or you can opt for specific meals such as breakfast only, or dinner only kits. 

Some MRE kits also include other essential items for survival purposes such as chewing gum, lighting and communicating tools that would come in handy during disasters, and items to shelter you and keep you warm when disaster strikes. 

USA vs Canadian Military MRE Taste Test (Video)

MREs Feature a Flameless Heater

While you don’t have to warm your meals, some people may want to consume their meals hot.

You can heat your food with ease with the flameless heater that comes with MREs.

When you buy MREs, you won’t have to purchase a heater separately. The heater comes in handy during emergencies when power outages are highly likely.

What’s more, you can even use them when you’re out in the wilderness engaging in outdoor-related activities. 

Tips for Using MREs

Store MREs in a Cool Dry Place to Prolong the Shelf Life

Check and note down the expiry dates of your MREs.

Remember, MREs are specially formulated to last up to five years. Depending on when you buy it, you may need to keep on checking the expiration date, and disposing of any products that are past their shelf time.

For every product, you dispose of, ensure you replace them with new ones. 

Check the Caloric Composition of Your MREs

MREs were originally meant to be a one meal per day composition for military personnel in combat.

Consuming more than one meal in a day, therefore, can result in excess weight gain, and system disruption such as constipation and water retention. 

Make sure you take sufficient drinking water together with your MREs. Drinking enough water along with MREs plays a major role in regulating your system.

When you need to use water in your flameless heater, avoid overfilling it. That can result in the bursting of the pouch. 

You can Always Spice up Your Meals

MREs come with added spices such as pepper, salt, and tabasco. Use these to make your food tastier.


Unlike in the past when MREs were only available for military personnel, today there are various civilian MREs to choose from.

These meals ready to eat come complete with sufficient nutrients to keep your body well-nourished. You can stock them for use during emergencies or outdoor activities. 

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How Long will an MRE Last?

An MRE will last up to 5 years. However, you should store it at 75 degrees Fahrenheit or less. To prolong the shelf life, store your MRE under cool temperatures. 

Can I Freeze an MRE?

No. You don’t have to store MRE in the fridge.

Can MRE’s Expire?

Yes. MREs expire at the lapse of their shelf life. 

Can you Buy MRE’s?

Yes. You can purchase MRE from various reputable online stores.

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