The SG hiking survival kit can come in handy to help you survive an emergency during a trek. Since disasters can strike anytime, it's important to be prepared. This can determine whether or not you’ll survive the ordeal. Here’s what you need to know about using a hiking survival kit.

Essential Hiking Supplies and Gear

Having a simple survival kit for hiking can come in handy to save your life during a disaster. Our collection of hiking survival kits is classified in various categories which include: the kid’s mini survival kits, the hunter's deluxe survival kit, the personal survival kit, and even the dog deluxe survival kit. Our kits contain essential products to last for 72 hours. Still, you can use the contents sparingly so that you can use them for a longer period. You can easily gauge the disaster situation to establish how long it will be before everything goes back to normal.

Essential Hiking Products In Our Survival Kit


Being stuck in a disaster situation can trigger a moment of panic especially if you and your family have no means of finding enough food. This doesn’t have to happen when you have the Survivalist Gear hiking survival kit. Our kit contains sufficient food to last up to 72 hours. Our experts have carefully chosen the food contents to ensure that it’s not only fit for human consumption, but it also contains sufficient nutrients to nourish the body accordingly.


Water is a critical substance in human life. While you can easily survive without food for days, you’ll need safe and clean drinking water to stay hydrated enough. Our survival kit contains enough water to last you the entire 72 hours. Further, we also incorporate the one gallon per day per person policy set by the FEMA. You can be sure that both your sanitation and drinking need will be catered for when you purchase this kit. You may want to carry your own water bottle but you don’t have to. This is because the kit comes with a hydration bag complete with a straw. Disasters can be unpredictable and knowing how long they’ll last is impossible. This means that you could at some time end up clearing the contents inside your survival kit before the emergency situation improves. When this happens, you may be forced to use water from unfamiliar sources and this is where the water purification tablets come in. These will help you purify your water to avoid contracting water-related diseases.


Our survival kit for hiking contains essential products to help you create a shelter and keep yourself warm during a disaster. These include; an emergency sleeping bag and an emergency poncho complete with a hood. You’ll also get a large tarpaulin and a body warmer. Depending on the number of days you’ll be out hiking, you could pack a light and portable tent which you can use when darkness finds you in the wilderness.

Light and Communication Tools

When disasters strike, chances are that everything will stop working according to the norm. Power will be disrupted for days and sometimes weeks, roads will be rendered impassable, and smartphone communication networks could also fail. You’ll need a reliable method of communicating with your loved ones and knowing the happenings in the outside world. In this case, the emergency 4 in 1 radio flashlight that doesn’t need batteries will come in handy. The waterproof matches will help you make a fire, while the emergency bright stick and candle will improve your vision during the night.


Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or a beginner, a hiking survival kit is one thing you shouldn’t miss while going for the outdoor activity. Our hiking survival kits contain all the essentials you’ll need during an emergency. What’s more, they come in well-organized bags to ease access. The kit is also lightweight and all you’ll need is grab it and go with minimal struggle.