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Airborne diseases spread really fast because of daily contact with people and objects.

The transmission rate tends to rise indoors and this puts you at a higher risk of contracting COVID-19. Fortunately, you can keep your air sanitized by getting one of these best home air purifiers for Coronavirus.

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Can HEPA filters remove Coronavirus?

Having a HEPA air purifier in your home or office is effective in preventing the spread of COVID-19. Scientific observation indicates that HEPA filters can trap particles as small as 0.01 nanometers. On the other hand, COVID-19 viruses are approximately 0.1 microns and this makes them too big to pass through HEPA filtration.

Here are 7 ideal air purifiers that can trap Coronavirus. 

Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifier

Internet control

You need sanitized air at all times to minimize your chances of contracting Coronavirus. Fortunately, the Dyson Pure air purifier comes with an app that enables you to operate remotely. This feature is necessary because it takes approximately 10-15 minutes to sanitize a living room. You can actually get clean air indoors by activating your air purifier on your way home.

Doubles as a fan

Moving currents of air pose a great risk indoors because they maximize the flow of airborne particles. Dyson pure air can provide you with a continuous breeze of sanitized air thanks to its 2-in-1 feature. All you need to do is detach the top part and HEPA filters.

Rotating feature 

Some air purifiers tend to be ineffective because they’re stationary. Dyson pure air purifier has a circular base that rotates 180 degrees. This feature enables your air purifier to draw in air at a higher rate than stationary brands with small fans at the bottom. 

Ease of setup

Setting up this HEPA air purifier takes approximately two minutes. It comes in three detachable parts making it highly portable. You can take it from one room to the next without requiring any tools.

Real time Filter monitoring

The Dyson air purifier app works with inbuilt filter sensors to give you real time updates on your HEPA filters. You’ll get alerts when your HEPA filters get clogged and require replacements.

HOMEDICS Oscillating HEPA Air Purifier

Two sides of HEPA filtration

This cylindrical shaped air purifier has two sections of HEPA filters. Each section contains a pair of medical grade HEPA filters to ensure you get the best air sanitization. In other words, it offers twice the filtration compared to other brands within a similar price range.

Large tower size

A large air purifier is better than a small one because you can use it in apartments and large living rooms. It can also double up as an office air purifier since it’s still effective in spaces measuring 600 square feet. 

Doubles up as a smoke air purifier

HOMEDics oscillating air purifier gives you more value for money because it doubles up as a smoke air purifier. You’ll find activated carbon air filters that trap smoke odor on both sides.

Easy to Clean filters

The HEPA filters in this air purifier are designed to last for one year. Fortunately, you can clean them using a vacuum cleaner before your next replacement. All it takes is just detaching the side panels to access your HEPA filters.

Overnight features 

HOMEDics air purifier runs silently even when operating at maximum speed. This makes it suitable for bedrooms because you won’t worry about noisy interruptions. In addition, it comes with a timer that enables it to operate for 8 consecutive hours while minimizing power consumption.  

Winix Plasmawave 5500

Remote control

A remote control comes in handy when you’re operating the air purifier from a different room. For instance, when you’re cooking in the kitchen and are mindful of certain odors lingering in the living room. Plus, it gives you convenience when you’re on the couch reading a book because you can adjust settings without waking up. 

Simple menu

Winix Plasmawave is so easy to use that even older generations can operate it without assistance. The menu layout is divided into three sections for ease of use. Also, you don’t need to consult your manual when replacing HEPA filters because the side panels detach easily.

Four stage filtration

Winix gives you extra protection compared to other brands in its category. You’ll notice two different air filters above your HEPA filter, each serving a different purpose. The first layer is a HEPA-like filter designed to trap pet hair and small particles that cause allergies.

Next, is the activated carbon filter that neutralises odors such as cigarette smoke. Beneath all of them is a HEPA filter that traps all airborne bacteria and viruses. You can also kill airborne viruses using the plasmawave technology. It operates by using a special ultraviolet light that disintegrates smoke particles and organisms.

Air pollution sensor

Winix Plasmawave 5500 contains internal air sensors that control fan speed. This determines the rate at which your air gets sanitized. Automatic air sensors ensure you get a continuous supply of clean air at night when you can’t regulate the settings.


Winix launched the Plasmawave 5500 back in 2016. However, the improvements since its debut have been quite minimal. Most brands in this price range are compatible with smartphone apps for remote control. Winix is still hesitant to adapt this technology.

Coway AP 1512HH

No setup required

Coway AP 1512HH doesn’ require any assembly. After getting rid of the cardboard box, simply plug in your air purifier and switch it on. The automatic air sensor controls your fan speed based on the amount of pollutants detected.

Inbuilt ionizer

Ionizers kill odors and airborne viruses effectively and you don’t have to change filters. An ionizer emits negatively charged ions that attach with bacteria and viruses. This contact breaks down the virus outer body leading to death.  

Automatic shutdown

People tend to worry about high power bills as a result of running air purifiers overnight. Coway manufacturers have ensured that you can breathe sanitized air day and night affordably. When the air sensor detects zero pollution, it switches off your purifier. 

Ideal for apartments

This unit will deliver the best results in spaces measuring less than 500 square feet. It’s also compact and square shaped, making it suitable for corners. Plus, the affordable price range and low maintenance costs makes it ideal for college students.


Noisy at full speed

It might be hard to sleep soundly or read a book in peace when the Coway AP’s fans are operating at full speed. This can last for an hour if your indoors are heavily polluted with smoke.

No remote control

Coway has manufactured the AP 1512HH for more than three years but haven’t made any improvements. You still have to get up on your feet anytime you need to switch it on or change the settings. 

Levoit LV H132

Ideal for small bedrooms

If you’re looking for an air purifier for a small bedroom, then Levoit LV H132 is what you need. It’s almost the same size as a bluetooth speaker and easily fits on desktops. The maximum size recommended by Levoit is 200 square feet.

Designed for night time use

Levoit LV H132 has a small powerful fan that draws in air from your room. What’s amazing about this unit is that it produces a faint buzz when fans are propelling at maximum speed. Plus, it has a deep blue LED light that adds color to your bedroom.

Highly portable

You can move this air purifier easily from your bedroom to the reading den. This air purifier weighs approximately 6 pounds making it an ideal travel air purifier when sleeping in hotel rooms. 

Low maintenance costs

Owning this unit won’t make your power bills surge. You can run it everyday because it uses less power than a refrigerator. Are the HEPA filter replacements expensive? No, they’re not because you’ll change them after every 6 months.


No remote control

All the controls are laid out on a touch screen panel. Unfortunately,You can’t activate this air purifier remotely using a cellphone. This means you risk breathing contaminated air when returning home from work.

No air sensors

At this point, air sensors are a basic feature in every air purifier you come across. They play an important role in adjusting fan settings and power saving. However, the Levoit LV H132 lacks this important feature.

No timer

When you don’t have a WiFi enabled air purifier, you can still operate your air purifier remotely using a timer. This works when you leave home in the morning and plan to return much later. Unfortunately, the Levoit H132 requires personal attention because it lacks a timer. 

Crane True HEPA Air Purifier EE-5068

Ideal for living rooms 

Crane True HEPA gets rid of all airborne particles in less than an hour when operating in spaces less than 300 square feet. It actually gives the Coway AP 15HH a run for its money. You can also use it as a small kitchen air purifier since it’s housed in tough plastic. 

Silent operation

You can watch movies while your Crane purifier runs in the background at maximum settings. It uses a patented fan and motor technology to maximize air inflow efficiently. It’s also highly portable so you can use it at night to prevent asthma attacks or sinus inflammation.

Designed to withstand pet damage

The wide and heavy base is designed to ensure your Crane air purifier doesn’t topple over when pets try to nudge it. The tough plastic exterior is slippery to prevent claw and bite marks. It’s also too tall for curious kittens to hop on the LCD menu. 

Germicidal UV Light filtration

Count this as a bonus filter that doesn’t require any maintenance. After air leaves the HEPA filters, the germicidal UV (ultraviolet) rays come into contact with all contaminants that might have slipped through.


No Wifi

It’s relatively large size might make you assume that it’s WiFi enabled. It’s quite a disappointment because most brands within its price range come with smartphone apps. 

Dyson Pure Cool Me BP01

Air purifier & fan combo

Dyson Pure Cool Me is the only unit on this list that comes with an inbuilt fan. You can carry it to the office because it operates silently for eight consecutive hours. The fan also comes in handy at home when it’s too hot to sleep.

Personalized airflow control

This air purifier has a unique dome that enables you to control airflow in any direction. It works by using a dome to change the direction of air vents. 

Ideal for spaces measuring upto 200 square feet

Dyson Pure Cool Me delivers best results in small bedrooms, kitchens, and living rooms. You can also use it in reading dens because it won’t disrupt your silence. The tall cylindrical shape ensures it occupies minimum space. 

Remote control fan

Do you often forget where you placed the remote? Dyson Pure Cool Me comes with a magnetic remote control. Just place your air purifier remote on the polished square surface and it will stick firmly. 


No Wifi compatibility

It’s quite disappointing that the Dyson Pure Cool Me lacks WiFi compatibility. Especially when you consider that it costs twice as much as a HOMEDICS Oscillating Air Purifier. 

Tips on Keeping Your Indoor Air Clean 

1. Change your HEPA filters on time

Once you see your filter light turn red, get new HEPA filters immediately. A clogged HEPA filter puts you at great risk because the accumulated dirt forms breeding ground for bacteria and mold.

2. Clean your home with disinfectants

Most viruses can remain active on metallic or wooden surfaces for more than 24 hours. These harmful organisms get airborne when you open the windows. The best way of getting rid of them is by using strong disinfectants to clean your furniture and floors. 

Get an air purifier today

Purchasing an air purifier ensures that the air you breathe at home is always sanitized. Especially when you’re living with people who have a greater risk due to chronic illnesses. Do you need help purchasing any of the air purifiers we’ve reviewed? Feel free to call us or send an email. 

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