Emergency Wool Survival Blanket

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Emergency Wool Survival Blanket Information:

This wool blanket is designed to provide warmth and safety for disaster situations and is used for disaster relief efforts all over the world.

Made of of 60% wool, this thick wool blanket has the advantage of not only providing heat, but is fire resistant as well, giving you added protection in case of a fire, extreme heat, or broken glass and sharp objects.

Because wool has the ability to help keep you warm even when wet, you’ll find that it’s a great addition to your survival or disaster kit – especially in areas that experience disasters bringing a lot of moisture or forcing you into the elements.

Preparedness Wool Blanket Specs

Wool also has the added advantage of being anti-bacterial. Having enough on hand for the number of individuals your home or business guarantees extra warmth and utility in case of an emergency.

Dimensions: this blanket is 62″ x 80″.

When an unexpected disaster forces you into the cold night, chilly temperatures put your health at great risk. Your body requires constant warmth to ensure effective blood flow to all limbs and organs. Blood keeps your body warm because it circulates throughout the body at a consistent temperature required to keep your cells alive and active.

Disaster Wool Blanket Safety

This Wool Survival Blanket is highly portable to prevent it from weighing you down while traveling to safer areas to wait for rescue teams. You can roll it up and strap it firmly at the base of a camping rucksack. Alternatively, you can strap it on one side of your camping rucksack if you’ve already attached your sleeping bag.

This blanket can keep two children warm due to its ideal length and width. Children particularly need something like the Emergency Wool Blanket because their bodies cannot adapt to cold temperatures as well as adults. Prolonged exposure to this type of weather makes children highly vulnerable to bronchitis and pneumonia.

A good emergency blanket has a poor moisture absorption rate because of the high possibility of sleeping outdoors during rainy nights. This blanket enables you to maintain a consistent body temperature overnight because water drops simply roll off.

Wool Blanket Supply

During the daytime, you can use this high-quality survival blanket as shade during the afternoon when the sun peaks. Simply look for four straight, and thick, branches that are about 3 feet long each. Dig four holes and place each branch inside, while spreading your Wool Blanket at the top. You’ll need some rope to secure each corner because wind will carry the blanket.

Inhaling dust brings about itchy eyes and throat irritations that can last for several days. One major advantage Wool Survival Blanket is that it doesn’t retain dust – even after spending an entire night sleeping in the forest. In the morning, you’ll just give your blanket a good shake and then pack it up.

In addition to keeping you warm, the Emergency Wool Survival Blanket is a reliable piece of firefighting equipment. It’s a great resource when you’re trapped inside a building and there’s a bad storm taking place outside. During a disaster like this, live electricity transmission lines cables that come into contact with puddles of rainwater can cause violent explosions making nearby buildings easily catch fire.

If you run a business with a physical location, make sure you have Emergency Wool Survival Blankets for each employee. It’s also ideal for schools to enhance their disaster management and preparation.

Additional information

Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 62 × 80 in

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