Compact Multi-Function Shovel

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Compact Multi-function Shovel

This shovel has 12 different functions and should be a core part of any emergency kit or bug out bag containing your survival tools. It also makes a great addition as a carry along for camping, fishing, or hunting.

You’ll find it lightweight and (although it’s a little heavy as an everyday carry item) that it gives you the ability to: remove nails from wood, chop sticks or other items with its hatchet edge, and take care of any sawing that may need to be done (with its saw edge).

It also has a hammer function as well as a wrench (with 3 different sizes). You’ll be able to open bottle caps and use the  liquid-filled compass (which is located at the bottom of the handle).

If you remove the compass, you’ll find a completely waterproof container with a box of matches, 2 nails, a sharp razor blade (useful for cutting paracord, rope, or line), fishing line, bobbers, and hooks.

When it’s heavily snowing and you have to use your car to drive to safety, you need a good shovel to remove the snow engulfing your car tires. Even drivers stuck in muddy roads require shovels to free car tires lodged inside mucky puddles. Without this important survival tool, one can easily get swept away by approaching floods or trapped inside a car engulfed in snow.

This Compact Multi-Function Shovel is approximately two feet in length so you can carry it in a backpack, big car toolbox, or an emergency survival kit. Since it only weighs two pounds, you won’t feel any strain on your shoulders while carrying it for long distances.

It also comes in a tough waterproof pouch to prevent any injuries due to accidental contact with the hatchet side and serrated edges.

If you’re using a map to locate the nearest hospital or police station, you’ll also need a good compass. All you have to do is flip your multi-function shovel to use the liquid-filled compass at the handle’s base. If you want better accuracy, simply unscrew the compass then place it on your map. This emergency compass has luminous dials that glow in the dark to help you navigate.

Why is this shovel so short?

If you look closely, you’ll notice a serrated edge that resembles a saw. At this height, one can use this serrated edge comfortably to saw through fallen branches, logs for building temporary shelters, and gather firewood. If you’re chopping down a medium-sized tree, you’ll place one hand on the cutting edge to saw back and forth.

At night, you need a good fire to cook dinner, stay warm, and ward off wild animals. This emergency survival shovel is the best tool to build a Dakota hole fire pit. This method enables you to enjoy long-lasting fires by effectively channeling airflow to your firewood.

It’s also an ideal way of camping at night without drawing attention to your site because the flame burns while underground.

When walking inside thick forrest, you might come across narrow paths in between dense thorny vegetation. This is a health hazard because a cut from a poisonous thorn can cause intense pain that lasts for several hours or severe swelling. Fortunately, you can prevent this by chopping down thorny vegetation using the sharp hatchet edge.

You also need this compact multi-function tool to keep your campsite clean. Just like soldiers in war zones, you’ll have to dig and cover up holes when relieving yourself.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 15 in

This is a great tool for survival kits or to keep in the car.

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