Camouflage Bag (Backpack)

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Camouflage Backpack

This high-quality digital camo backpack is the perfect choice for emergency preparation or for anything related to the outdoors –

The camouflage design helps you blend into the surrounding areas, while the the size is perfect (and not too bulky), making it a great bug out bag for disaster emergencies.

Because of its many pockets, you’ll be able to easily organize and locate the items you’ve stored inside (especially important in an emergency) –  whether its filled with hunting, camping, or emergency supplies.

If you’re hunting or carrying a firearm, you’ll find the straps on the sides a handy resource that allows you to strap your firearm to the bag while you’re on the move or want to keep all your items in one spot.

Camo Backpack

The Camouflage Bag enables you to quickly create an impromptu emergency survival kit during anticipated or ongoing disasters. A survival kit enables you to have enough food rations and medical supplies while you wait for emergency relief teams. That’s why you need this backpack in your home or business.

During disasters, mobility is necessary to flee from danger. The Backpack only weighs two pounds. This makes it light even for elementary school children because they can run while it’s strapped on their backs. It also has a pair of hip straps that help you to secure your backpack tightly when ascending steep slopes and walking through rivers.

Camouflage Pack

In order to stay hydrated, you need a constant supply of fresh drinking water. That’s why this survival bag has two big mesh pockets on both sides. Each side pocket can fit a one-liter drinking water bottle. They also have thick elastic loops to enable you to tightly secure your water bottles when running or going up steep slopes. You can also store snacks and fruits for easy access.

The authentic camouflage design enhances your security when traveling at night in hostile areas. This works as long as you don’t carry any brightly colored items in your mesh pockets. Your backpack will enable you to blend with surrounding vegetation when walking in dense jungles. You need this camouflage to avoid drawing the attention of nearby predators.

Camouflage Bag

One thing you’ll like about this Backpack is its strong zippers. Each pocket has a zipper with two sliders having small holes. They help you to use small padlocks to secure valuables kept inside various pockets. Why do the zippers have plastic teeth? Because metal teeth rust and tend to lose shape in very hot weather.

When you look inside each pocket, you’ll notice thick nylon linings. These pockets are suitable for disasters that force you to spend the night outdoors. You can store food and small electronics without worrying about moisture because they’re poor absorbers. Any water that comes in to contact simply rolls away without leaving a trail of droplets.

The biggest advantage of this bag is that it’s FEMA approved. Various teams of highly experienced emergency rescue teams have tested the relevance of this camouflage backpack in various disaster situations and found it quite helpful. If you’re planning a long camping or hiking trip, make sure you buy this bag.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 8 in

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