30 Day Emergency Food Supply for 1 Person

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1 Month Emergency Food Supply

This Emergency Food Kit provides one person with 112 total servings of tasty food and is a great resource for stocking up on emergency supplies.

These meal kits also make a great resource while outdoors – whether hunting, camping, fishing, or hiking.

Inside, not only will you find meal preparedness kits for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but drinks and sides to go along with them.

30 Day Survival Meal Supply

This kit will allow you to prepare your food within minutes and is the perfect solution for keeping food on hand in case of an emergency.

You’ll find this Survival Food Kit suited to various disasters. If you’re traveling to drought-stricken countries, this is what you need to stay nourished for an entire month. If you’re traveling from one temporary shelter to the next during a series of earthquakes, you’ll have enough food to keep your body energized by the time you get to permanent safety.

1 Month Survival Food Supply Kit

Each day, you’ll get to enjoy different breakfast meals thanks to the assortment available in your kit. You receive 12 servings of Brown Sugar & Maple Multi-Grain Cereal contained in waterproof plastic packaging. In addition to preventing moisture absorption, this food-grade plastic pouch is airtight to prevent bugs from getting inside. This multi-grain cereal contains high calories because you need energy to move from one safe area to the next.

Emergency Food Supply Kit

Your kit contains 28 servings of Whey Milk because it’s impossible to access fresh dairy milk when a hurricane or flood has blocked nearby roads. Whey milk is highly rich in proteins. Disaster management experts recommend eating foods rich in proteins because they provide the body with longer lasting energy compared to carbohydrates. Your blood needs protein to enable clotting whenever you get a bruise or a deep cut.

For lunch, you have an assortment of rice and soups to go with BBQ beans. This kit contains eight servings of rice pilaf and a similar quantity for Southwest rice and beans. You can alternate after every three days because excessive consumption of beans brings about bloating. For dessert, you’ll have the Potato and Chicken Flavored pot pie along with a glass of orange delight. Your body needs Vitamin C to fight off colds and skin diseases.

30 Day Survival Food Kit

One thing you’ll like about this kit is that you have a variety of dinner meals rich in essential nutrients and fibers. Chicken noodle soup is good for both your immune system and strengthens your bones. It’s an ideal accompaniment to the creamy pasta & veg rotini provided in four separate servings. If you don’t like chicken noodle soup, there’s enough Tomato Basil Soup to eat with your rice and BBQ beans.

This food kit is highly portable because it weighs just 14 pounds. You can strap it firmly on a bicycle and travel for long distances because the brilliant compartment design prevents spills. It’s also waterproof to protect your meals from moisture when traveling under rainy weather.

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This Emergency Food Kit Includes:
– Brown Sugar & Maple Multi-Grain Cereal (12 servings)
– Granola Strawberry Crunch (4 servings)
– Apple Cinnamon Cereal (12 servings)
– Chicken Noodle Soup (4 servings)
– Potatoes & Chicken Flavored Pot Pie (4 servings)
– Creamy Pasta & Veg Rotini (4 servings)
– BBQ Beans with Natural Bacon Flavor (8 servings)
– Tomato Basil Soup (4 servings)
– Savory Stroganoff (4 servings)
– Southwest Rice & Beans (8 servings)
– Rice Pilaf (8 servings)
– Whey Milk (28 servings)
– Orange Delight (12 servings)

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Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 5.5 × 15 in

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