3-Function Survival Hatchet

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3-Function Survival Hatchet Information:

In a disaster, you may find yourself in need of more warmth than a blanket can provide.

This hatchet is a great addition to your survival supplies and resource for chopping or gathering firewood from nearby areas, or building an emergency shelter to use for yourself or others.

Because of it’s multi-tool use, you’ll also be able to use it to gather food by building tools for hunting, fishing, and setting traps to catch game.

You’ll find the pry bar, hammer, and hatchet functionality of this tool to be a great resource wherever you are in an emergency preparedness situation and a great addition to your bug out bag.

Emergency Hatchet Utility

This tool includes a pry bar, hammer, and hatchet.

Preparedness Hatchet Specs

This hatchet is 13″ long with a 6.5″ easy-to-grip handle.

Disaster Hatchet Use Scenarios

Imagine yourself trapped by a fallen tree during a landslide and the only way out is getting through some thick and thorny branches. Since it’s impossible to snap the branches with your hands or break them using forceful kicks, you’ll have to wait for someone with an ax or chainsaw to save your life. However, if you own a 3-Function Survival Hatchet, you’ll break free without requiring a rescue team.

This Survival Hatchet only weighs 1.65 pounds and fits easily in a backpack as well as most emergency survival kits available on this website. It’s made of tough iron to withstand the impact that comes with nailing tent pegs firmly to the ground or smashing locks when trapped inside a building. The thick coat of black paint prevents moisture absorption and retention to avoid rusting. You don’t want to get a cut from a rusted hatchet because you can get a bad tetanus infection.

When chopping or hammering things, it’s important to maintain a firm grip to prevent injuries. A loose grip can cause severe head injuries when the hatchet accidentally slips from your hand – just as you’re about to land a heavy strike on a block of wood. You’ll see that this emergency survival hatchet has a thick and wide handle that’s 6.5 inches long. It’s made of tough rubber to prevent tearing while chopping and striking objects.

You’ll notice two thick prongs at the tip. This allows you to use your hatchet as a pry bar. For instance, it can help you gain entry into a locked room for safety while calling the police and other rescue services during hostage situations. You can also use it to remove protective metal bars over windows by applying pressure at the welded points. The pry bar also comes in handy when accessing supplies stored inside a locked car trunk or if you’ve misplaced your car keys.

On the right side of your disaster 3-function hatchet, you’ll notice a protruding hammer head. It’s size is approximately 2X2 inches and has a nice thickness. A thick hammerhead boosts the impact of each strike because it distributes energy evenly. That’s why you can smash car windows in the blink of an eye when rescuing accident victims trapped inside a wrecked car. If you find yourself trapped on a tropical beach, you’ll need this hammer to break open ripe coconuts.

The ax blade on the left side of the hatchet enables you to gather enough firewood for cooking and keeping warm at night. In case of wild animal attacks, you can use it as an effective weapon by inflicting deep gashes.

Additional information

Weight 1.45 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 4.5 × 13 in

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