11-in-1 Multi-Function Survival Tool

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11-in-1 Multi-Function Survival Tool

This Stainless Steel Multi-Purpose Pocket Tool is the perfect resource for a disaster preparation kit or as an everyday carry item (EDC).

Because of its compact size, it fits well with any scenario – whether traveling, backpacking, hunting, camping, or tucking it away in your survival kit (or SG backpack – https://survivalistgear.co/emergency-survival-gear/ ).

Here are all of the functions.

If you’re goal is to eat it will:
Open cans, cut your food (or open food kits), and open bottles.

If your goal is to fix something it can function as a:
Screwdriver, ruler, 4 position wrench (for different size nuts and bolts), butterfly wrench, or a 2 position wrench.

You’ll also be able to:
measure items, saw wood, use the lanyard hole, or find your bearings with the water compass function.

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When you look at this 11-in-1 Multi-function Survival Tool, it’s just hard to imagine that you can accomplish so many important functions with an item that fits in your clenched palm. Truth is, this kit performs all these functions so effectively that FEMA approves it as a must-have survival tool. It’s also highly relevant to indoor and outdoor disasters and doesn’t require any refills like typical survival kits.

While fleeing from areas that are about to experience an earthquake or bad floods, people carry a lot of canned foods. However, rarely do people think about can openers due to the overwhelming sense of urgency. So, people smash rocks on top of their cans to pry the lids open but it’s very messy.

The high impact can spill your food because it overpowers your grip. In addition, you risk ingesting a variety of bacteria when the rock slips and falls inside your canned soup. How do you avoid this from happening? By buying this multi-function tool because it has a good can opener.

Emergency Scenarios

During ongoing disasters, falling objects inflict bad injuries. If you don’t have a First Aid kit, you’ll need to improvise bandages fast. That’s why this tool has a sharp three-inch knife blade to help you cut strips of cloth to stop bleeding and immobilize broken limbs.

You can also use it to skin hides off freshly hunted rabbits and small game you come across in the woods. It also comes in handy when creating temporary shelters using large sheets of plastic.

If you find yourself in an unfamiliar area and have a map in your possession, you’ll also need a reliable compass. Fortunately, you can turn your multi-function tool into a compass in a matter of seconds. Simply fill a bowl or large plate with water and place your tool on top. It will turn and point to the true north. In navigation, you should always locate the true North before doing any map reading.

When you look at your multi-function tool closely, you’ll notice four different corners. Each corner is a screwdriver designed for various types of screws. When trapped inside a building with armed terrorists or thugs, you can use a screwdriver to dismantle door locks discreetly. It’s much safer than kicking the door open which will draw unwanted attention.

Tool Care

Make sure you prevent moisture from coming into contact with your 11-in-1 survival tool. When cleaning, use a clean dry cotton cloth and some rubbing alcohol.

– Can Opener
– Knife Edge
– Screwdriver
– Ruler
– Bottle Opener
– 4 Position Wrench (for various nut and bolt sizes)
– Butterfly Wrench
– Wood Saw Blade
– 2 Position Wrench
– Lanyard Hole
-Direction Ancillary Indication (water compass)

Additional information

Weight 0.05 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 2.5 × 25 in

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