A hurricane is a huge storm that’s accompanied by high-speed winds. Often, hurricanes occur over warm waters in tropical regions. Hurricanes comprise of sustained winds of approximately 74 miles per hour and a low air area pressure at the center often known as the eye. Scientifically, a hurricane is called a tropical cyclone. Do you live in a hurricane-prone region? Do you have a hurricane emergency survival kit?

Preparing for a Hurricane

If your region is susceptible to a hurricane, or if you’ve received a hurricane warming, there are various things you should do in preparation. These are: Have plans in place to safeguard your property. Permanent storm shutters, for instance, are ideal and provide the ultimate protection for your windows. You may want to consider board up windows complete with 5/8 inch marine plywood. Ensure it is cut to fit. While you may want to use tape, it’s worth mentioning that it’ll do nothing to stop your windows from breaking. Fit in extra clips or straps to fasten your roof securely on the same structure. This will go a long way in minimizing roof damage.

Clear clogged and replace loose downspouts and rain gutters

Trim any shrubs and trees around your home, and have your emergency supplies in place. These should include emergency medication, food, water, communication gadgets, flashlight, and extra batteries, essential documents, extra clothes, credit cards and cash, and a first aid kit. Ensure you have essentials for elderly people and young kids living in your home. You may want to have everything that your pets will need during the emergency

Our Hurricane Emergency Survival Kit

We’re committed to ensuring that you can get any survival kit that you need during an emergency. We have a wide selection of kits to choose from. One of the most interesting things about our products and services is: not only do we have items ready to ship within one day, but we also guarantee satisfaction. We collaborate with experienced and professional staff who work round the clock to ensure that clients receive ultimate services. Our hurricane emergency kits contain good quality, tried and tested products. You can be sure that what you get has been thoroughly tested to guarantee safety and durability. One of the most popular survival kits in our collection is our 10 Person Survival Kit which works well for use in the house. If you love outdoor activities, this kit will also come in handy. It’s not only lightweight, but it contains essential items to cater to the needs of ten people for 72 hours. The contents inside this kit include sufficient food and water for each person to last for 72 hours, hygiene and sanitation items, communications and lighting equipment, first aid essentials, and warmth and shelter items. You’ll also find cards containing survival tips to help you learn about the situation and relax. About the Hurricane Survivalist Kits Inside the multi-pocket hiker’s backpack where the items are securely packed, you’ll get enough space to store your items. Our hurricane kit items are securely packed in waterproof and resealable storage bags. All the items are well organized in the backpack to ease the process of accessing what you need.

What Should You Do During a Hurricane?

Where possible, remain indoors once the hurricane strikes. Keep away from glass doors and windows. You’ll also need to keep all your interior doors closed. Close your blinds and curtains and remain calm even when there seems to be a pause in the storm. Often, this is the eye of the hurricane, and indication that the robust winds will start again.


Keep an eye on the local weather reports regarding disasters. Sometimes, you may need to evacuate to safer ground and you can only do so once you get an order from the local authorities. Do you live in a temporary structure or a mobile home? Living in such shelters can be dangerous during a storm and you may need to relocate once an alert warning is circulated. If you live in a high rise building as well, remember hurricane winds are more robust at higher elevations. You should exercise caution and relocate if the situation worsens.